Acing Gluten-free Diets: A special report from Food Management

Six steps to great gluten-free service
Great gluten-free foodservice goes beyond providing substitutions.  


17 amazing gluten-free menu items
Here are 17 dishes that are free of gluten and full of flavor, proving that chefs will make gluten-free delicious. 


All gluten-free dining hall opens at Kent State
The school’s Prentice Café features five stations where those with celiac disease can safely eat anything.


Gluten-free standalone retail eatery opens at Auburn
Plains2Plate offers full selection where those avoiding gluten can get anything on the menu.


Hospital designs safe space for allergen-free prep
A separate area in the Essentia-St. Joseph kitchen is being used to make meals for patients with food allergies.


Hospital chef creates gluten-free options across concepts
No cut corners, no ingredients that aren’t great and no lazy presentations. These are the rules at Bryan Health.


University makes nation-first stride in gluten-free dining
The University of Chicago plays host to the country’s first gluten-free certified dining station.


Opinion: Is a Gluten-free Diet Healthier?
Rachel Begun categorizes gluten-free consumers into three groups.


Best Practices for Preparing, Labeling and Serving
With confusion surrounding how the FDA’s gluten-free labeling rule applies to foodservice, operators share tips.

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