Take a tour of a multitenant’s food- and fun-focused space

The new Foundry & Lux provides several Bay Area companies a space to dine and relax.

Foundry & Lux serves as a place to unwind, socialize and recharge for staffers occupying offices in the Cove at Oyster Point multitenant facility in South San Francisco. Bon Appetit Management Co. operates both the foodservice and recreational space at Foundry & Lux for Cove at Oyster Point owner HCP Inc., which specializes in serving the life science and healthcare industry.

The complex, when completed in the next several years, will encompass seven buildings and include a hotel/conference center. The eventual onsite population is expected to exceed a thousand when fully occupied.

“I think this is a really exciting partnership for us,” says Bon Appetit District Manager Alison Harper. “I think we’re looking at the forefront of a wave of these mixed-use spaces [that have] the kind of amenities you find at a higher end tech campus being provided to smaller companies by making them open to the public or making them available to multiple companies. I think we’re going to see more of this as smaller companies come to expect this higher level of amenities service.” 

All photos byNader Khouri

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