BUILT FOR SUCCESS Under Golledgersquos leadership KU Dining has increased sales across the board added services and become environmentally friendly

BUILT FOR SUCCESS: Under Golledge’s leadership, KU Dining has increased sales across the board, added services and become environmentally friendly.

Silver Plate Awards 2015: Nona Golledge

When you look at this year’s Silver Plate class the word dedication comes to mind.

Nona Golledge wasn’t supposed to stay at the University of Kansas (KU). In fact, she took the entry-level job right out of college under the assumption that it would be a stepping stone to somewhere else.

Twenty-seven years and six promotions later, that “stepping stone” has evolved into Golledge’s lifework. She’s helped to propel KU Dining forward—and she still has big plans for the years ahead.

For now, in addition to her accomplishments at KU and through professiona

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