BIRD FLU BLUES Places like the University of Richmond39s Passport Cafeacute with its eggsandwichheavy breakfast menu are hard hit with rising egg prices

BIRD FLU BLUES: Places like the University of Richmond's Passport Café, with its egg-sandwich-heavy breakfast menu are hard hit with rising egg prices.

U of Richmond anticipates egg shortage, develops no-egg breakfast items

Rising egg prices due to the latest avian flu have left many foodservice operators scrambling for ideas, especially for the breakfast daypart, where eggs are the cornerstone of many items.

This spring, a bird flu virus wiped out millions of chickens on commercial farms, resulting in rising prices for eggs. Ever since the H5Ns avian flu virus started to show up in the Midwest, egg prices have been climbing everywhere in the country.

“In Virginia we haven’t had any strains of avian flu, but we are affected in terms of our prices,” says Maya Vincelli, assistant director of retail operations for dining services at the University of Richmond. At U of Richmond’s cafés,

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