Customers can build their own bowls by selecting a base grains greens or a pita add a ldquoflavor explosionrdquo preserved lemon hummus burnt eggplant hadari or spicy feta a skewer falafel chicken or meatballs toppings including pickled red onion roasted cauliflower and marinated olives and a sauce including harissa vinaigrette and tahini

Customers can build their own bowls by selecting a base (grains, greens or a pita), add a “flavor explosion” (preserved lemon hummus, burnt eggplant, hadari or spicy feta), a skewer (falafel, chicken or meatballs), toppings (including pickled red onion, roasted cauliflower and marinated olives) and a sauce (including harissa vinaigrette and tahini).

Yale’s new Café Med dishes up Mediterranean cuisine fit for med school students

The new eatery features fresh and healthful bowls on a foundation of greens, grains or pita.

Med school students spend more than 60 hours a week studying. So when they get hungry or need caffeine, they rely on quick, convenient options.

Yale gets that. They also know millennials prefer customizable, healthful foods.

So, in June, the school gutted the full-service cafeteria located within the Edward S. Harkness Hall at the Yale School of Medicine (which was supported by a mandatory meal plan for medical school students), and replaced it with a more modern and u

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