Buy me some peanuts...and organic hamburgers?

Buy me some peanuts...and organic hamburgers?

First ever organic cart at Comerica Park (below) organic sausages and condiments, (above)

Peanuts! Popcorn! Organic Hamburgers? Delaware North Companies Sportservice introduced the first organic cart available to the general public, complete with organic Polish sausages, hamburgers, buns, ketchup and mustard at the 2005 All-Start Game in Detroit's Comerica Park.

The organic cart was stationed in Section 134 of Comerica Park and marked the first time that this style of cuisine was available to all fans.

"Sportservice works closely with organic suppliers and distributors to ensure that the new organic items are of the highest quality and packaged and provided in the freshest manner for customers," said John Verespie, general manager for Comerica Park, Delaware North Companies Sportservice.

With a moderately successful debut at the All-Star Game, Sportservice officials plan to continue with the organic offering while working with partner Dakota Beef on a proactive public relations campaign.

"The organic stand blends nicely with the other stands at Comerica Park," says Peter Hassen, senior manager of media relations, Delaware North, Inc. "Our PR campaign will focus on visually educating fans about the healthfulness of organic meats. We're also planning to rework our organic condiment offerings. Pairing the right condiments with the organic meat can go a long way."

After selling nearly 400 pieces of product at the All-Star Game, the company has hopes to expand the organic cart to other locations, including Ameriquest Field, Arlington (TX) as well as Jacob's Field, Cleveland (OH).