Nutricate at Cali HS

Nutricate at Cali HS

Nutricate receipts allow customers to break down the nutritional makeup of their food choices.

Sweetwater Union High School District in Chula Vista, CA, is piloting a new software package that prints payment receipts which also include nutritional analysis data for the purchased items.

For now, the system is used only on one of its traveling coffee carts that also serves continental breakfast. It prints receipts with up to four nutritional measurements, such as calories, protein, fat and carbohydrates, based on the foods students select. The data also reflects minor specifications, like inclusion or exclusion of condiments.

"Our Professor Java cart is an excellent place to pilot this software," says Nancy Stewart, food service director at SUHSD.

"Students are able to learn to make choices based on the information on their receipt. They can see what happens to the nutritional content of their selections if they forgo the whipped cream, if they choose 1% milk instead of whole, or if they select fresh fruit instead of a pastry."

Each receipt can also offer tips on healthy eating or exercise. Taken out of the exclusive context of school foodservice, operators in all segments can use the receipt as a marketing tool by adding coupons, quizzes, reward systems and promotions.

Nutricate, the vendor of the system, offers a Windows based interface with the software operating independently from point-of-sale systems.

For more information visit [3] or call (805) 879-1720.