Processors to Schools...Got Milk?

Processors to Schools...Got Milk?

Getting kids to drink more milk— that's the goal of a new program titled, "Capturing the School Milk Opportunity," by the Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP).

The program is designed to boost milk sales through innovative merchandising methods, creative packaging and unique vending programs. Case studies detailing how districts across the country are using these methods to boost consumption and sales are included.

In one example, several school districts teamed with a regional processor to create a "flavor rotation" program. New snazzy 8-oz. cartons and 14-oz. plastic containers were designed and offered in a variety of untraditional milk flavors, including vanilla, strawberry, root beer and cappuccino.

The program was a hit—increasing unit demand from 5,000 cartons to 50,000 virtually overnight, according to MilkPEP.

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