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Designed with portability and ease of use in mind, ready to eat single-serve pudding and gelatin dessert snacks from Kraft Foodservice offer convenience, portion control, and trusted ingredients and brand names. For locations without refrigeration, Handi-Snacks Pudding Snacks and Kool-Aid Gelatin Snacks offer single serve convenience in a shelf-stable format. Visit the new Kraft Snacks website [2] for product and new merchandising details.

Rich Products Corporation offers a variety of innovative products to deliver the taste and convenience consumers crave. Whether it's simplifying fresh-baking for flavorful morning treats, creating artisan-style sandwiches and pizza, or offering indulgent treats and PM snacks, Rich's products reduce labor and increase operational efficiency and profit potential. For more information, visit [3].

Never fried (unhealthy), never baked (undelicious), Popchips start with wholesome potatoes, apply heat and pressure, and pop! It's a chip. All that's added is a flavorful blend of seasonings. What's left out? More than half the fat of fried chips, lots of calories, and all of the trans fat, saturated fat, and preservatives (greasy fingers) that give snacking a bad name. For more, go to [4].

Today's on-the-go customers are looking for quick, healthful, 'round-the-clock meal options to satisfy hunger. Uncle Ben's Ready Rice products are convenient solutions that can be offered 24/7. Available in a variety of flavors, customers simply heat the pouches and pour the rice onto a plate for a wholesome meal that's ready in minutes. Also available are several easy-to-use merchandising pieces to help grab customers' attention and increase sales in campus c-stores, B&I and healthcare cafeterias, senior living stores, c-stores with a foodservice area, and vending areas. Call 800-432-2331 for details.

Prairie City Bakery offers convenient 4-pack and 6-pack packaging for many of their bake shop quality foodservice products, including: Cinnamon Rolls, Danish, Muffins and Donuts. These smaller packs reduce waste, require less freezer storage and allow operators to mix and match based on local preferences — a great complement to any gourmet coffee program. For details call 800-338-5122 or visit [5].

To capitalize on the snacking occasion, operators can look to Dole Fruit Bowls in 100% Fruit Juice, a great tasting and refreshing ready-to-eat fruit snack. Dole packs six varieties of quality fruit in 4- and 7-oz. servings, easily identified by attractive “Make Every Day Shine” packaging. Available year round, shelf-stable Dole Fruit Bowls enhance snack menu selections with a fruit-filled, flavorful, healthier snack. Call 800-723-9868, or visit [6] for more.

Server Products' new 8-bottle Squeeze Bottle Holder makes dispensing cold condiments and signature sauces for sandwiches and other foods simple and efficient. The stainless steel 8-bottle unit fits in a cold table, taking up the space of a ⅓ size pan. Tests indicate that bottles in the holders stay 6 to 7 degrees colder than bottles standing in an open pan where cold air can easily escape. 1-, 2-, and 3-bottle squeeze bottle holders are also available. For details, visit [7] or call 800-558-8722.

Sara Lee individually wrapped bakery items now offer additional product visibility. The packaged sweet snacks have been restaged and revamped with see-thru packaging, “real fruit” call-outs and extended shelf life. Moreover, the restaged product line includes the new Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cake. Additionally, Sara Lee Foodservice has introduced a new display-ready, branded muffin case that allows product to be shipped and conveniently displayed in the same case. Visit [8], or call 800-261-4754 for more.