Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up

In the Dave Does Food Network web series, host and celebrity chef Dave Lieberman searches for "the coolest culinary trends" in America. Seeking out school foodservice operations "trying to break the mold," Lieberman visits...

• Chef Bobo at the calhoun school in manhattan who uses quality to nourish minds as well as help develop more refined palates;
• Linda Colwell at the abernethy school in Portland, or who shows how students learn about healthy eating both from nutritious lunches and from the school's "Garden of wonder";
• and Chef Jorge Calazzo from the NYC public school system who talks with dave about how the district—which feeds over one million students— has improved meals by lowering fat, sugar and salt as well as by cutting out trans fats and incorporating more whole grains on the menu.

To watch the webisode visit: show_et/0,2757,Food_ 23456,00.html [3]

Thumbs Down the sudden ethanol mania of the u.s. government. we're all for energy independence, but this ill-considered and politically motivated stampede has has led to the unintended—but utterly predictable—consequence of upward pressure on food prices by increasing demand for corn.

Nice going, guys.