Tara's Food Notebook [1]

Are Carrots the New Kale?

Carrots are spiking in popularity on menus across the country, according to this New York Times article [3].

“People are feeling more comfortable with having something like carrots in the center of the plate,” Dan Kluger, executive chef at ABC Kitchen in New York, told the Times. A roasted carrrot and avocado salad is a big hit on the menu there.

Carrot tacos, carrots roasted in salt like a whole fish, carrots slathered with mole poblano, and carrot salads of all kinds are uprooting the idea that the humble root vegetable isn't a star. The sweetness of carrots works as a counterpoint to many other flavors, and it seems like a great idea for onsite fall menus, too. Hello, vegetarian/vegan choices!

I was so glad to read this bit of news. I could eat a beef stew with ONLY carrots, and recently, I discovered a curry-carrot soup at the Stone Oven bakery across the street from my office building. Hooray for carrots!