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Julia Child Remixed with Guns 'N Roses

Julia Child would have turned 100 soon, and there are all sorts of cool tributes going on. But I defy you to find a cooler one than this [3] gem on Slate via Laughing Squid [4].

Highlights of Julia in the kitchen through the years set to the classic Guns 'N Roses tune, Sweet Child o' Mine, is just so badass that it almost brought a tear to my eye (I never cry at work, but I came close). It is just too good!

I can't say that Julia inspired me to cook (that was Alton Brown and this Mac 'n Cheese recipe [5]), but I do have one really strong memory of watching Julia's show with my mom and my little brother Bobby years ago:

The episode we were watching featured a sous chef (?) or friend of Julia's (?) named Douglas (pronounced "Doog-LASSS").

They were making a bag made out of chocolate (this is kind of why I never felt compelled to try any of her recipes--they are so damn challenging!) Douglas had a surprise, though. He was going to put some flowers on top of the chocolate bag!

"Doog-LASSS, what are you doing in my azalea garden?" Julia asked in mock horror. We must've repeated that sentence a hundred times that afternoon, my mom, brother and me. And we still say it to this day! Happy Birthday, Julia!