Stop the Guess Work: Culinary Spell Check Tool

Stop the Guess Work: Culinary Spell Check Tool

On this week's menu: chicken scaloppini sautéed with prosciutto ham in a sage-infused demi-glace, served with roasted garlic mashed potatoes & seasonal vegetables.

What's more frustrating than creating weekly menus only to have every other word flagged as a mis-spelling? Clearly, the standard Microsoft Word dictionary isn't very food-word savvy.

That was the case...until now.

A Culinary Spell Check Tool from Charlie Baggs, Inc. allows you to import a culinary dictionary directly ino the MS Word application. With over 200 words from abalone to zymurgy, the dictionary covers proper spellings for the vast majority of common culinary terms.

What's more, for institutions making group purchases of the product, Charlie Baggs, Inc. will donate a percentage of the sales back to the school to fund the scholarship of their choice; or, the institution can set up a scholarship in the company's name

For more information about this tool, visit [4]