Open Your Own Patio Pizzeria

Open Your Own Patio Pizzeria

Tired of the same old brats and burgers in your family or neighborhood cookouts? Spice-maker McCormick suggests you consider making simple homemade pizzas on your patio grill.

“They're not only fun, they're fast, making it easy for anyone to create a grilled masterpiece,” says McCormick chef Adam Walker. His tips:

Start with quick pizza dough

Buy refrigerated or frozen dough or ready made crusts.

Thin is in

Shape the dough into thin rounds or squares either by hand or with a rolling pin. Aim for pizza's 12-14 inches wide and about ¼ in. thick.

Be creative

Come up with your own toppings. Try using seasonal vegetables at a Farmer's Market or protein leftovers.

Use marinades with ricotta and mozzarella cheese to add flavor profiles of your choice.

For specific recipe suggestions and an online pizza grilling video from McCormick, go to [2]