Aramark at World Cup Not Playing Chicken

Aramark, the official caterer for the World Cup soccer tournament in Germany this summer, has run afowl of native poultry producers because of its decision not to sell chicken dishes at the games due to bird flu concerns. German poultry farmers are up in arms over the decision, according to a report in the European Expatica news service.

The World Cup, soccer's premier international event, will be held in stadiums across a dozen German cities beginning June 9 and will feature national teams from 32 countries.

Despite the farmers' howling, Aramark's decision is much sturm und drang over not much. Unlike in the United States, where chicken is a staple protein in concessions menus, it reportedly would have represented less than two percent of sales the World Cup even if it were on the menu as planned, according to an Aramark spokesperson quoted by Expatica. The originally wanted to offer a few ethnic dishes featuring chicken to highlight the international flavor of the event, but no one expected that they would be big sellers. German soccer fans favor pork and beef, especially in sausage form. They go well with beer.

Sounds like a marketing campaign promoting chicken sausage or chicken strips as the perfect accompaniments to a stein of lager might be in order...