You Deserve a Cake Today

You Deserve a Cake Today

The day is so special you may even want to supersize it. We're talking about a wedding day in Hong Kong, where the latest fad seems to be to hold the ceremony under the Golden Arches.

According to a recent report in the New York Times, weddings at McDonald's locations have been growing in popularity in the Southeast Asian city, driven by economics (the cost is much less than at a traditional venue), novelty and recently loosened laws that have opened up nontraditional sites for couples to make their vows.

The ceremonies are tasteful…if you consider a wedding cake made of stacked McDonald's apple pies and toasts with milkshakes tasteful.

As in the U.S., McDonald's in Hong Kong is alcohol-free, so no champagne toasts. But on the bright side, couples won't have to put up with a plastered uncle reeling around with a lampshade on his head during the bridal dance.

The cost of a McWedding starts at $1,280, according to the Times, a far cry from the $29,200 average traditionally shelled out for Hong Kong weddings, mostly by the groom's family. The price includes food and drink for 50, the aforementioned apple pie contraption “cake,” invitations, gifts for guests (recycled Happy Meal prizes?) and even a wedding photo. The restaurant staff double as ushers and waiters.

Can quickie weddings at the drive-through window be next?