Sustainability in Practice: Operating Efficient Foodservice

Archived Webinar: Oct. 29, 2009
@ 2:00pm ET / 11:00am PT
_A Food Management Webinar
Sustainability in Practice: Operating Efficient Foodservice

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“Sustainable foodservice” is a big challenge. As a relatively new field, operators are searching for effective ways to implement green initiatives, focusing on anything from the farm to the landfill—and everything in between. Waste reductions, recycling, composting and Farm-to-Fork programs are quickly becoming common practices, but those efforts represent only half of the equation.

“Beyond the plate” sustainability, including energy and water efficiency, can positively impact the bottom-line cost-to-operate figure through sustainable design and operations. A lot of attention has been placed on sustainable design such as building and remodeling restaurants and dining facilities to make them “greener.” But not everyone has the budget to remodel or build new in this tough economy. Accordingly, there are numerous ways to put Sustainability in Practice: Operating Efficient Foodservice.

In this informative webinar hosted by the Hobart Center for Foodservice Sustainability (HCFS), Richard Young, senior engineer/director of education, Food Service Technology Center and an HCFS Fellow, will explain “Energy = dollars = CO2” and how to make a change for a better planet and a bigger profit. Young will explain top no-cost/low-cost operational practices that with minimal effort can save energy, dollars and carbon dioxide output.

Christine Schwartz, director of dining services for Bates College, will then provide a real-world example of how these tips can be put into practice. Schwartz, the recipient of the 2009 HCFS grant for the most innovative and best-executed foodservice sustainability project of the year, will detail how Bates College decreased energy consumption and water use, reduced solid waste, and implemented a Farm-to-Fork program, expanding the purchasing of local, sustainable foods. She will share how others can apply what she has learned from managing a year-long initiative, Nourishing Body and Mind: Bates Contemplates Food.

John Lawn, editor-in-chief of Food Management magazine, will moderate this enlightening session.

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Presented by:

Richard Young
Senior Engineer/Director of Education
Food Service Technology Center

Christine Schwartz
Director of Dining Services Bates College

Moderated by:

John Lawn
Food Management magazine