AirTran Unveils In-Flight A La Carte Menu

AirTran Airways has begun piloting an in-flight a la carte menu of food options for coach and business class on 60 of its flights and will extend the program to its entire fleet by Mid-March. The initiative, called Sky Bites, gives customers choices ranging from combo packages selling for $4 to $6 and snacks from $1 to $4.

A la carte selections include Kraft Foods snacks, such as Oreo Cakesters, Chips Ahoy cookies, Nilla Wafers, Cheese Nips crackers and premium beverage options, including new selections such as Glaceau Smartwater and Fuze Slenderize Strawberry Melon, a Snack Box containing Wheat Thins crackers, Planters Smoked Almonds, Oreo cookies, Garden Veggie Cheese Spread and Sun-Maid Raisins.

A variety of combo meals include a snack and a premium beverage. Purchases of Sky Bites(SM) may be made with credit or debit cards.

"AirTran Airways is attentive to our customers' desires, and because our passengers have shown us that in-flight food choices are important to them, we are happy to offer the best brands through Sky Bites on our flights," says Tad Hutcheson, vice president of marketing and sales. "Sky Bites is designed with the individual traveler in mind and will provide enough variety to ensure there are enough tasty options to satisfy everyone all at a very affordable price."