Aramark Acquires Medical Tech Firm

Aramark Healthcare has acquired Masterplan, a clinical technology management and medical equipment maintenance company. Masterplan operates in more than 230 hospitals and manages more than 300,000 pieces of medical equipment in the U.S.

The deal allows Aramark to expand its capabilities to service all levels of hospital clinical technology, from high-end imaging equipment such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Computerized Tomography (CT) devices, to common infusion pumps used in daily patient care, the company said in a statement accompanying the acquisition annoucement.

“With the growing role that clinical technology plays in delivering safe high quality patient care, the acquisition of Masterplan enhances our ability to serve the broad clinical technology needs of our hospital partners,” says Aramark Healthcare President/COO John Babiarz.

In a pair of separate deals, Aramark Healthcare also acquired ReMedPar, a leading independent provider of parts and refurbished medical equipment parts, and MESA, a provider of integrated repair and maintenance services to hospitals in 12 European countries.

“We are pleased to join the capabilities of Masterplan’s first-class team of professionals with our existing expertise to further enhance our ability to deliver exceptional value to our customers,” says Dr. Brian Poplin, executive vice president of Aramark Healthcare Clinical Technology Services. “The combined team will ensure that we can best serve the clinical technology needs of our hospital partners.”