Breakfast Data

Why People Eat Breakfast Away From Home

The following info provided by: an online study of 3,000 consumers done by ConAgra Mills Gilroy Foods & Flavors Food Away from Home Need States Study: Breakfast Occasion

Away from Home Breakfast Occasions: Three dominant occasions represent over 80% of fast food breakfast visits: Pit Stop (45%), Getaway Break (25%), and Personal Oasis (12%). On the other hand, four occasions represent almost 75% of full service breakfast visits: Getaway Break (22%), Personal Oasis (18%), Quality Family Time (17%), and Special Time for Us (16%).

What are the occasions for breakfast away from home?

  • Pit Stop: Looking for speedy service and ability to get in and out and purchase/consume the food easily. Products that fit the bill are breakfast sandwiches, wraps and burritos. The key is portability.

  • The Getaway Break: A time for consumers to unwind and take a break, alone or with coworkers. Still looking for value and speedy service. Products that fit the bill are breakfast sandwiches and pastries/sweets.

  • The Personal Oasis: For alone time and to satisfy a craving. Value for the money still reigns supreme, but speedy service and getting in and out quickly are also important. The taste of the food is the most important of all, as the oasis satisfies a craving. Products that fit the bill are coffee drinks and breakfast meats, potatoes and breads.