Compass, Agilysys in Loyalty Program Deal

Compass Group has announced a partnership with the Agilysys, Inc., information technology and hospitality software solutions vendor for deploying Zipthru Rewards, a loyalty solution that rewards customers for food and beverage purchases. Designed to be used in corporate cafes and dining centers, Zipthru is fully integrated, down to the item SKU level, with Agilysys’s InfoGenesis POS system, enabling promotions to be built around item-specific purchasing behavior.

Customers earn points for purchases, which they can later redeem for free meals, discounts off future purchases or other rewards. The program encourages customer visits to on-site dining centers and also may be used to reward healthy eating habits. An additional feature of Zipthru Rewards is its ability to integrate with the InfoGenesis cashless solution for increased efficiency and customer convenience.

"We are excited to partner with Agilysys to deliver this industry-leading solution to our customers in the managed foodservice sector," says Rick Postiglione, CEO of contract foodservices for Compass North America. "Now, more than ever, foodservice providers are looking for ways to add value to their offerings and deliver a more unique customer experience. The Zipthru Rewards solution enables them to provide a tangible benefit to customers and reward specific purchasing behavior."

The Zipthru Rewards solution was recently implemented at a large manufacturing facility in the Midwest. The company, which sponsors a nutritional dining initiative, uses the solution to encourage cashless payment and promote healthy eating habits. Employees are rewarded for every cashless transaction, but earn double points for making selections from the Compass Balanced Choices menu.

"Zipthru Rewards actually helps customers encourage their employees to adopt healthier lifestyles," says Lisa McEuen, senior vice president, Business Excellence for Compass North America. "Yet, the benefits extend to other areas. Healthier employees are more content, more productive and require fewer sick days. So, the solution ultimately improves the bottom line."