Compass Signs PayPass Deal With MasterCard

Compass Group North America has signed a deal with MasterCard Worldwide to begin accepting MasterCard PayPass at select cafeterias it manages across the U.S. PayPass allows users to make purchases by simply tapping a transmitter card or device on specially equipped readers at check-out. The purchase amount is then deducted from the user's PayPass account. Compass will deploy PayPass-accepting Vivotech 4500M contactless readers at check-out lanes across its foodservice locations over the course of the year.

"Our on-site cafeterias typically handle large groups of people at lunchtime, and our operators need the best use of technology to maximize speed of service to our customers to enhance their dining experience," says Compass CIO Rob Watkins. "By expanding payment options to include MasterCard PayPass, we are able to offer not only convenience, but also peace of mind from using a secure system."

PayPass makes small-amount transactions quick and easy because it does not require customers to sign receipts for purchases under $25. "Environments like corporate cafeterias are an ideal setting for MasterCard PayPass because they cater to a particularly busy set of customers," says Cathleen Conforti, senior vice president, Global PayPass, MasterCard Worldwide.

According to MasterCard research, consumer preference and satisfaction is driving PayPass growth and usage globally. About 94 percent of PayPass-using respondents to a 2008 MasterCard PayPass Benchmark Study said they were satisfied with their experience, and 77 percent said they use PayPass as their primary card for everyday purchases. Compass says it will continue to accept all other traditional magnetic-stripe payment card brands in addition to PayPass.