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Jalapeno Peanut Butter Dates Wrapped in Bacon

Jalapeno Peanut Butter Dates Wrapped in Bacon


1⁄4 lb. peanuts
21⁄2 oz. honey
1 tsp. cayenne pepper or 1⁄2 minced jalapeno 20 Medjool dates, cut in half
10 strips of par-baked smoked bacon
1 egg
20 seedless grapes
flour, as needed
breadcrumbs, as needed

1. Heat peanuts, honey and cayenne pepper until caramelized, cool and puree.
2. Stuff puree into half a date, wrap with half a piece of par-baked smoked bacon.
3. Lightly beat egg. Dredge seedless grapes in flour, dip in egg wash and bread. Place into a deep fryer filled with hot oil and fry until crispy. 4. Place grapes on bamboo skewers and then bacon wrapped dates.

Photo: National Peanut Board; Recipe: Chef David Burke, David Burke’s Kitchen

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