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Oyster and Potato Bisque with Madras Curry and Caviar Potato Chips

Oyster and Potato Bisque with Madras Curry and Caviar Potato Chips


3 small Idaho potatoes
2 qts.
cold water
1 bunch chives
3 ripe celery
1 qt.
fish stock
3/4 lb. butter
750 ml dry white wine
10 sprigs
10 sprigs
1 Tbsp.
Madras curry powder
1 pinch
saffron 32 oysters, shucked; save liquid
1 pinch
salt and pepper cayenne, to taste

Caviar Chips:
1 russet potato
1 qt. frying oil
2 oz. Osetra caviar

1. Peel and dice potatoes; store in cold water.

2. Brunoise (⅛ × ⅛ × ⅛") the shallots.

3. Cut the chives ¼" long.

4. Dice the celery.

5. Bring the fish stock to a boil, add the potatoes, cook until tender.

6. Sweat the shallots and celery in ⅛ lb. butter and add the wine. Reduce by ½ and add the parsley and cilantro.

7. Toast the curry and saffron in a dry pan, 15 seconds.

8. Add the spices to the vegetables.

9. Add the potatoes and fish stock.

10. Add 24 of the oysters and the liquid.

11. Puree at high speed strain and season with salt, pepper and cayenne.

12. Garnish with 1 oyster per bowl and top with caviar chips and chives.

For Caviar Chips:

1. Peel the potatoes to 1½" diameter.

2. Slice on the mandolin, waffle cut.

3. Heat oil to 300°F.

4. Fry the chips crisp.

5. Top with caviar and chives.

PHOTO AND RECIPE: Idaho Potato Commission; Recipe courtesy of MK and MK North, Chicago -Exec Chef/Owner Michael Kornick

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