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Roasted Russian Banana Potatoes with Vegetables

YIELD: 6 servings

2 Tbsps. chopped fresh parsley
2 Tbsps. chopped fresh thyme
2 Tbsps. chopped fresh basil
1 small clove garlic, minced
8 Washington Russian Banana or Ruby Crescent fingerling potatoes
12 asparagus spears, woody stems removed and trimmed
3 medium shallots, peeled and quartered
1 medium Walla Walla sweet onion, peeled and cut into ½-in. squares
2 Tbsps. olive oil
Kosher salt and ground black pepper to taste
  1. In small bowl combine parsley, thyme, basil and garlic. Reserve.

  2. In large bowl toss potatoes and vegetables with olive oil to coat completely. Arrange vegetables in single layer on baking sheet. Roast at 425°F for 15 minutes. Turn vegetables. Return to oven and roast until tender and golden, about 5 minutes.

  3. Transfer vegetables to a heated serving platter. Sprinkle with herb mixture, then season to taste with kosher salt and ground black pepper. Serve immediately.

Recipe by the Washington State Potato Commission

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