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Cheese at the center of Aramark’s 2021-22 arena food focus

Aramark’s NBA and NHL arena chefs and culinary teams set out to develop a variety of menu items under one, tried-and-true food category this year —cheese!—leading to a line-up of mac and cheese, perogies, and pretzel fries sure to please fans.

As hockey and basketball fans fill arenas across North America this season, they will be treated to a menu of new dishes, branded concepts, and service innovations from Aramark, the food and beverage provider at seven National Hockey League (NHL) and National Basketball Association (NBA) arenas.

“Aramark could not be more excited to showcase the work that both our design & innovation and culinary teams have done to deploy game-day service and menu enhancements at NHL and NBA arenas this season,” said Alison Birdwell, President and CEO of Aramark Sports and Entertainment in announcing the new menu and services lineup. “Whether guests are savoring a cheesy new food item from our Cheezin for the Season menu or enjoying the ease of contactless service innovations like mobile ordering, self-checkouts, and autonomous markets, they are in for an outstanding experience.”

Aramark’s arena chefs and culinary teams set out to develop a variety of menu items under that tried-and-true food category for NBA and NHL fans this year—cheese! Here are the results....

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