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East Coast Nacho

Signature Nacho Showdown

An Aramark East Coast/West Coast rivalry, complete with delicious toppings.

Fans attending the Canadian Football League’s 100th Grey Cup not only can root for their favorite team, but also their favorite nachos. Aramark’s culinary team created two specialty nacho platters—representing the Eastern and Western divisions with ingredients reflecting those regions.

The contenders:

East Coast nachosEast Coast Nacho: Fresh Nova Scotia lobster and grilled jumbo shrimp on corn tortillas topped with cheddar, “Bloody Caesar”-infused pico de gallo, pickled read cabbage slaw, chipotle pepper cream and jalapeno-infused sour cream drizzle, with fresh chopped scallions.


West Coast nachosWest Coast Nacho: Grilled flat iron steak and braised short rib on corn tortillas topped with warm tortillas topped with cheddar, roasted corn, smoked peppers and onions, salsa verde, diced tomatoes, roasted garlic-infused sour cream and fresh chives.

Limited Edition NachosPlus, a Limited Edition Nacho: Aramark added a third nacho platter for the occasion, the “Toronto Grey Cup Nacho,” which is constructed on a bed of kettle chips. It’s topped with hickory and applewood smoked BBQ beef brisket, cheddar, caramelized maple onions, braised red cabbage slaw, “Bloody Caesar”-infused pico de gallo, roasted pepper-infused sour cream and fresh chopped scallions and jalapenos. Whew!

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