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And The Winners Are

And The Winners Are

The industry’s Silver Plate Awards recognize operators who epitomize the "best of class" in their respective segments. Here are the 2008 winners who will represent the onsite foodservice community at this year’s Silver Plate Awards ceremony.

Each year the class of Silver Plate award winners represents a different mix, a unique amalgam of talents that reflects the immensely varied and immensely creative world of foodservice. At the same time, each winner also becomes a standard-bearer for the segment that he or she serves. In this special feature section, you'll meet …

Amy Greenberg, an English major turned chef and then director who found her niche in corporate dining and never looked back. Over a career at some of New York City's most prominent financial firms, she's become a role model for a new generation of women in B&I foodservice…

Sean LaPean, the charismatic foodservice director who transformed the formerly staid campus dining program at University of California-Berkely into one that is green and growing in every sense of the word…

Mary Angela Miller, a clinical dietitian whose knack for management led to a career at one of America's premier academic healthcare institutions and a foodservice and nutrition department that is at the leading edge in terms of technology applications, cost management and professional development…

Steve Hammel, a true foodservice “Renaissance Man” whose career has spawned a half dozen segments ranging from the lodging industry and corporate dining to senior living, theme park foodservice and the U.S. Navy. He's left an indelible mark at each stop along the way…

… and Patricia Farris, a dedicated school foodservice professional whose role and challenges changed dramatically after the onslaught of Hurricane Katrina when she demonstrated a tireless commitment to helping rebuild the foodservice programs of the scores of schools in the Archdiocese of New Orleans.

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