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Avocado and Turkey Salad on a Bread Shell

INGREDIENTS:¼ cup Dijon mustard 3 cups vinaigrette 12 California avocados (6 pounds) 1/3 cup lemon juice 3 gallons mixed lettuces 4 Ibs., 8 oz. smoked turkey, in strips 3 cups dried cherries or cranberries 24 prepared bread shells (6-inch)DIRECTIONS:Whisk mustard into vinaigrette; reserve. Just before service, cut avocado in chunks; toss gently with lemon juice. Reserve. Per order: toss 2 cups lettuce, ½ cup turkey and 2 Tbsp. dried fruit with 2 Tbsp. reserved vinaigrette. Fold in ½ cup avocado. Mound on top of one warmed bread shell.SERVINGS:24 servings

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