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CCRC DiningTrend Roundup

CCRC DiningTrend Roundup

  • Greater meal plan flexibility: One-meal-a-day and similar rigid formulas falling prey to seniors' increasing demands for flexibility.
  • Focus on wellness: More than just having an exercise room available, it encompasses culinary, cultural, spiritual and social components to produce a "holistic" environment.
  • Health savvy: Residents are much more knowledgeable about health and nutrition matters than before and demand offerings that meet their diets.
  • Expanded hours: The rigid daypart mentality where meals are served at specific times in the communal dining room is giving way to flexible options with more and more various points of service.
  • Menu variety: Older seniors still expect the comfort foods they grew up with, but younger residents want more eclectic choices that reflect the broader commercial restaurant culture.
  • Less formality: Coat-and-tie dinners are still common but residents also want the option of dining less formally.
  • More service points: Bistros, coffee shops, grab-and-go stands are increasingly augmenting the traditional central congregate dining room.
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