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Chocolate Bar at Boston College

Forget love¯students at Boston College are going to fall in chocolate with a new concept introduced to the campus this fall.

BC recently renovated a coffee and ice cream bar in McElroy Hall, turning the bar into a "chocolate bar" that is slated to open September 6.

The dining area has a casual soft seating atmosphere with cafè tables, sofas and lounge type chairs. "It's a real upbeat gathering place for student to relax and chat, while indulging in a little chocolate decadence," says Pat Bando, associate vice president auxiliary services.

Menu highlights include chocolate Belgian waffles; fondue of rich chocolate served with fresh berries, apples, dried apricots, marshmallows, cookies and pound cake; sweet cherry crepes; assorted chocolate-based and infused ice creams served alone or as

a sundae; chocolate truffles, bonbons, candy bars and bark. Chocolate and coffee beverages will also be available.

"The Chocolate Bar was a unique idea for our program," says Helen Wechsler, BC's dining director. "We wanted to do something different. I think we achieved that goal."

The Chocolate Bar will extend its hours of operation to 10pm on weekdays and midnight on Friday night to provide a complete experience-for the customer.

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