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Get Em to Eat their Veggies...

Get Em to Eat their Veggies...

Looking to steering students toward fruits and vegetables? The Produce for Better Health Foundation has developed two colorful guides that might help. Promoting variety, these guides can also helps schools to meet new wellness requirements.

The Successful implementation Models for increased Fruits and Vegetable Consumption handbook contains 16 model interventions for successful strategies toward increasing fruit and vegetable consumption among school children. The handbook was developed from a pilot implemented in ten Florida school districts and includes a CD-ROM.

The Promotions, Activities and Resources to increase Fruit and Vegetable Consumption is a step-by-step instruction guide that includes activities, games, announcements, and decorating ideas. It also includes reproducible activity sheets, a useful website, and weekly sample menus.

For more information on the guides, contact the Produce for Better Health Foundation at 1-888-391-2100 and mention Code "FS special".

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