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Hail the New Heilman!

With its recent renovation, Heilman Dining Center was transformed from an antiquated "scatter system" type dining hall to a modern and expansive "market place" emphasizing fresh food, expanded choices and customized meal options. Open 7:15 am (10:30 am on weekends) to 8 pm, it seats 942 and accepts all forms of payment, from board plans and campus debit cards to cash and bank credit/ debit cards. An adjunct c-store called ETC, located in the same building, operates from 8 am (11 am on weekends) to midnight.

The station concepts in the Dining Center include:
• Evergreens: a large service island featuring a wide variety of freshly made salads and toppings, breads, condiments, homemade soups and fresh waffles.
• Piatto Bene: an italian "trattatori" that offers fresh pasta, a saute station and a brick oven for pizza and specialty selections.
• The Spider Grille: Fresh omelets made to order daily and both traditional and specialty hot sandwiches at lunch and dinner along with fries and a taco/fajita bar; the area has multiple grills, fryers, and a saute station and char broiler.
• Grains and Greens: Vegan and vegetarian selections at both lunch and dinner.
• Hemispheres: international cuisine featuring fresh vegetables, chicken, beef and seafood with a variety of sauces prepared on a Mongolian grill or in gas woks, accompanied by a choice of sticky or brown rice.
• Bruce's: traditional entrees and sides with a carving station and rotisserie oven.
• The Campus Deli: built-to-order cold sandwiches and wraps with fresh baked and specialty breads.
• Dolce Vita!: a wide assortment of hot and cold specialty desserts attractively presented in large display cabinets along with hand scooped ice cream; the island station also has an oven for baking off fresh cookies and breads.
• Two beverage stations with soft and sports drinks, filtered waters, hot chocolate, fresh ground coffee, fresh brewed tea and cappuccino; another area provides a variety of milk choices, both dairy and soy.
• A cereal and milk bar with 18 cereal selections.
• A special diet area where replacement or supplemental items are kept for the easy access of students with such needs.

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