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Iron Chef at Stony Brook Univ.

Iron Chef at Stony Brook Univ.

Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto with students from Stony Brook University.

Wondering what the famed "secret ingredient" was when Chef Masaharu Morimoto paid a special visit to Stony Brook University? College students!

Stony Brook students had the opportunity to get an important lesson in cooking up interesting and flavorful meals from one of the world's most famous "Iron Chefs."

Sponsored by Chartwells, the higher education division of Compass Group, the Japanese chef gave a cooking demonstration for over 400 students, faculty and the general public at the Student Activities Center. Two students had the opportunity to assist Morimoto while many others tasted his culinary masterpieces.

Chef Morimoto's six course meal included toro Mont Blanc style with wasabi sour cream, seaweed sauce, and osetra caviar; Kobe beef tartare with asparagus flan and teriyaki sauce; whole fish sashimi ikezukuri style; steamed turnip with Japanese tile fish; and Matsutake Takaikomi Gohan, a hot pot with white rice and matsutake broth.

Later in the evening Chef Morimoto hosted a private cooking class for ten Stony Brook students chosen from a raffle benefiting victims of the Katrina hurricane. The students were taught how to properly make sushi.

"We enjoy developing and implementing programs that promote diversity and educational experiences on the campus," says Dennis Lestrange, director of dining services at Stony Brook. " Bringing a celebrity chef to campus will be a Stony Brook tradition and I look forward to bringing another chef next fall."

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