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Louise's Tiramisu

INGREDIENTS:68 Oz. mascarpone
6 egg yolks
8 oz. sugar
2 quarts espresso
3-½ cups sweet marsala
84 lady fingers
cocoa powder, 18-22% butter fat (to dust)
8 amaretto cookiesDIRECTIONS:Cream egg yolks with sugar and add mascarpone. Mix with a wire whip on medium speed for six minutes. Combine espresso and marsala. Let sit until it reaches room temperature. Spread 12 oz. of cheese mixture to cover bottom of a 2 in. hotel pan. Dust with cocoa powder. Dip cookies for 1.5 seconds in coffee and wine mixture. Lay on cheese mix to completely cover pan. Spread 32 oz. cheese mixture evenly over the first layer of cookies. Dust with cocoa powder. Dip cookies for 2 seconds in coffee and wine mixture. Lay on second layer of cheese mixture to completely cover. Spread 40 oz. of cheese mixture over cookies and smooth with spatula. Crumble amaretto cookies on top. Cover and refrigerate. At service, cut into 15 3 inch x 5 inch portions.

Place one portion on small salad plate, then dust with cocoa powder and serve.SERVINGS:15 servingsFrom:Louise's Trattoria

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