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Operators can meet a broad variety of nutrition-conscious patrons' breakfast needs with the General Mills Goodness Pack of assorted cup cereals. Varieties include Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios, Fiber One Raisin Bran Clusters, Curves Honey Crunch and Nature Valley Low Fat Fruit Granola. All are either a good or excellent source of whole grains. To learn more, call 800-874-1451.
Circle 100

Nestle Waters introduces the new Eco-Shape half-liter bottle for all of its regional spring water brands and the Nestle Pure Life brand. The new bottle contains up to 30 percent less plastic than the average comparable bottle on store shelves today. For more information, visit

Equal's Sensibly Sweet reduced-calorie sweetened iced tea program provides a great-tasting alternative to traditional sugar-sweetened tea. Equal can provide custom three-gallon urns with imprinted logos, nutritional information and an easy-to-follow implementation guide. Call 888-658-1948 to join the program.
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Hobart's undercounter LXi ware-washer is designed to address the need for sanitation while incorporating technological advances that help operators comply with health regulations. The model uses the lowest amount of water in the industry for a machine of its kind and is registered NAFEM Data Protocol capable; it is also now Energy Star rated. Visit to learn more.
Circle 102

Dickinson's brand jams, preserves and condiments offer a touch of elegance. The versatile portion-control packaging is suited for continental breakfasts, on-site catered events, roomservice and more. For more information, call 330-682-3000 or log onto

Electrolux Professional North America has established an Electrolux Certified Chef Network to provide both customer training and field sales support for key pieces of equipment. Purchasers of air-o-steam combi ovens, air-o-speed high-speed combi ovens, air-o-chill blast chillers/freezers or Pressure Braising pan receive on-site, hands-on demos and training from these chefs. Visit to learn more.
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New Pierce Boneless Wing Digs and Wing-Zings are designed to appeal to guests who might not normally choose chicken wings. Wing Dings have a golden breading and mild, versatile flavor, while Wing-Zings offer a peppery taste. Both are made from solid-muscle breast meat and are fully cooked. Call 800-336-9876 or visit
Circle 104

New cooking modes available on the Rational SelfCooking Center enable easier, more efficient dessert preparation. Using the “Egg/Dishes/Desserts” and “Baking” processes, an infinite number of desserts can be prepared with little more than the push of a button. Optimum climate control and automatically adjusting fan speed produce high-quality results. Visit for more.
Circle 105

If you need to stir, agitate or emulsify, cream soups or sauces, whip cream and other liquids, mash potatoes, make frosting and more, check out Robot Coupe's MP Turbo Combi Power Mixer. This portable unit with cutter blade and whisk attachments features a stainless steel shaft, ease of cleaning and a 1-year replacement warranty. The mixer is available with a 14- or 18-inch shaft. Call 800-824-1646 or visit
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Get a richer, more intense flavor in sauces, dressings, soups and entrees with Lee Kum Kee Premium Soy Sauce. Following traditional brewing methods, the sauce starts with GMO-free soybeans and wheat flour; the fermentation process is natural, traditional and solar powered. It is sold in a variety of sizes. Visit or phone 800-654-5082.
Circle 150

Simplot has completed the conversion of its entire core product line to zero grams trans fat. Because Simplot has not compromised its dedication to great flavor, consistency, texture and stability, operators can offer healthier menu solutions with no discernible difference in taste.
Circle 107

Hatco Corp. has added a third shelf to Glo-Ray Merchandising Warmers, allowing the units to hold much more product with the same footprint. Like all of Hatco's warmers, they hold hot food safely using prefocused infrared heat. The warmers are ideal for holding nachos, boxed pizza, wrapped sandwiches and more. Call 800-558-0607 or visit
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Macadamia Coconut Crusted Mahi Mahi is the latest addition to Clear Springs Foods' Splash! Flavor Glazed & Crusted line. Each six-ounce fillet is 100 percent boneless and coated with sweet macadamia nuts blended with papaya, pineapple and flaky coconut. They are ready to bake or sauté for quick, simple preparation. Visit or phone 800-635-8211 for more information and recipe ideas.
Circle 111

Silver Camwear Camcovers are a lightweight, elegant alternative to metal plate covers. Made of virtually unbreakable Camwear polycarbonate, these Cambro products retain their shape and appearance for years. They will not dent or scratch like metal and do not require polishing. Call 714-848-1555 to learn more.
Circle 112

Healthy Choice introduces a healthy new on-the-go breakfast treat tasty enough for a sweet snack. The new Cinnamon Bakes are made with Ultragrain, combining a full serving of whole grain with white flour taste. Made with real strawberry or apple filling, they meet the CN requirement of 2 bread servings and provide a good source of fiber. For more information on this ConAgra product, call 800-357-8765 or visit
Circle 112

Kraft Foodservice has added two new varieties to its recently launched line of Easyprep pouches: Kraft Real Mayonnaise and Miracle Whip Salad Dressing. The pouches are portion-sized bags that eliminate the hassles of scooping, measuring and cleaning, resulting in reduced preparation time and labor cost. Visit
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For a new twist on the tropical pizza experience, try Santa Fe Chicken Pizza or Carnitas and Mango Pizza, two new recipes in an exclusive set of cards from Dole Food Company. To receive free recipes or more information about Dole packaged fruit products, call 800-723-9868 or visit
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Perdue's new Applewood Smoked Fully Cooked Pan-Roasted Turkey Breasts combine a natural home-baked appearance and unique flavor. The product can add sophistication to wraps, paninis, salads and more. Visit for more information and menu ideas.
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Georgia-Pacific Food Services Solutions' Dixie Smart Top Reclosable Lid has a built-in sliding mechanism for easy opening and closing, allowing users to “dash without the splash.” The lid fits all popular sizes of Dixie's PerfecTouch insulated cups and paper hot cups while offering added benefits of heat retention and increased mobility. Call 800-257-9744 or visit
Circle 116

The Mars Foodservices Masters Program unites powerful brands such as Uncle Ben's, Snickers and M&M's with generous cash rewards exclusively for valued customers. Participants can receive e-mails with on-trend recipes and samples of the newest Mars FoodServices products before they are seen anywhere else, along with cash rewards for every purchase. To learn more, visit or phone 800-432-2331.

The sleek, attractive Dairy Chiller from Server Products features thermoelectric technology to help operators keep milk safely chilled below 41°F indefinitely. The energy-efficient Chiller will accept a hose directly from an espresso machine and is designed without a noisy compressor or messy ice or ice pack. It features a brushed stainless steel body and a removable 2-quart aluminum vessel for easy cleaning. To learn more, go to or phone 800-558-8722.
Circle 133

Rubbermaid Commercial Products' new line of Untouchable Containers and Lids allows hands-free, hygienic disposal of waste for more efficient recycling. The containers feature an integrated liner cinch for easy one-step can liner retention that eliminates knot typing, thus improving productivity and reducing worker strain and labor. Call 800-347-9800 or visit for more.
Circle 134

Hormel's Austin Blues Pulled Chicken is an outgrowth of positive response to the company's Austin Blues Chicken Quarters. The premium, 100-percent naturally smoked, full-muscle chicken is not sectioned or formed. It is ideal for use in salads, sandwiches, pastas, pizzas, burritos, nachos, tacos and other menu items. To learn more, visit
Circle 135

To mark the 100th anniversary of Hershey's Kisses, Hershey's Food Service has created timeless, favorite recipes incorporating Hershey's Mini Kisses baking chips. Ideas include Chili Con Cocoa, Kisses Peanut Butter Blossoms and more. Visit or call 877-772-3556.
Circle 136

Schwan's Food Service and its Mrs. Smith's line of desserts has entered the preportioned, 100-calorie market with the new Heavenly 100 dessert snacks, including Frozen Mousse Cups, Chocolate Cake Slices and Apple Crisp Cups. These individual-sized treats offer total indulgence and sweet-tooth satisfaction any time of the day or night. Visit or phone 877-302-7426.
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Dessert stacks are easy to store and serve, and they make a dramatic plate presentation. The new Banana Cha Cha from Sweet Street Desserts heightens those benefits with a fresh take on chocolate. Moist banana chocolate cake soaked with sweet banana syrup on a buttery chocolate shortbread crust is piled high with chocolate truffle filling, crisp milk chocolate banana crunch, buttery caramel and smooth banana cream icing. Visit or phone 800-793-3897.
Circle 138

The Rave Review, the Idaho Potato Commission's quarterly foodservice newsletter, will no longer be sent via snail mail. To ensure a place on the distribution list, IPC asks operators to visit, click on “Newletters“ and subscribe electronically. The newsletter offers brief articles highlighting current topics and trends and offering tips and culinary inspiration for working with Idaho Potatoes.
Circle 139

The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation has launched a new and convenient ServSafe Manager Certification Training Online Course, fourth edition. Designed with operators' busy schedules in mind, the course is self-paced and navigation is intuitive, allowing users to review key concepts easily using an Internet connection. It is designed for new and experienced managers and staff. Visit
Circle 140

Silk Soymilk is a smart, simple way to live well and get delicious nutrition every day. Almost everything made with milk can be made with Silk. Log onto to learn more.
Circle 141

Farmland Foods recognizes the demand for pork produced with health and the environment in mind with the introduction of All Natural Pork Chops. This product comes from single-source pork producers with selected and qualified genetics who follow strict production guidelines. The pork chops are produced without added hormones or artificial ingredients and with minimal processing. Visit for more.

Otis Spunkmeyer Shortbread cookie dough is the latest addition to the brand's super premium line. Natural sweet cream grade AA butter and 100 percent soft red winter wheat pastry flour give these cookies their indulgent flavor and flaky texture — with zero grams of trans fat per serving. To learn more, visit or phone 888-ASK-OTIS.
Circle 142

Three new flavors of Fresh-Bakes Predeposited Muffin Batter from Bake'N Joy are sure to please customers looking for unique flavor profiles. The latest additions to the 6.25-ounce muffin line include French Toast, Vermont Maple Walnut and Pear Pecan. Those and more than 20 additional varieties are all trans fat free. Visit or phone 800-666-4937 to learn more.
Circle 122

Computrition's Hospitality Suite Foodservice Operations Management software does everything from recipe and menu inception to postmeal costing and analysis. With optional ASPhosting and full technical support, it's also easy to set up. Visit or phone 800-222-4488.
Circle 123

Employees can grasp even the wettest floor surfaces with Shoes for Crews' Froggz model. The slip-resistant outsole is formulated to keep the wearer safely on his or her feet at work. These clogs feature a self-massaging sock-liner insole, a pivotal strap for heel support and featherlight technology. Phone 877-NO-SLIPS or log onto to learn more.
Circle 124

Bush's Best introduces Home-style Chili in a 96-ounce batch-size pouch. Loaded with the finest kidney and pinto beans, premium beef and zesty vegetables in a rich, flavorful sauce, the chili is match-for-scratch delicious. As an entrée, soup or side, it's ready to serve and ready to wow customers. For a free sample and $4 off every case, call 800-251-0968.
Circle 125

Fresh Gourmet Wonton Strips from Sugar Foods Corp. add perfect harmony to a wide variety of Asian-inspired, Pacific Rim and fusion cuisines. Lightly salted with a traditional crispy bubbly texture, they add a pleasing flavor and crunchy accent to salads, soups, entrees, side dishes and more. Ready to use, they are made with traditional and simple ingredients, deliver a balanced flavor profile and pleasing taste and have 0 grams of trans fat. Phone 888-708-2222 for more information.
Circle 126

Noticeable changes on the outside and finely tuned engineering improvements on the inside enhance the strength, increase the durability and maintain even greater temperature control on the next generation holding cabinets from Alto-Shaam. Among the improvements are a solid state electronic control option that simplifies temperature setting with a clear, easy-to-read LED display. To learn more, visit or phone 800-558-8744.
Circle 128

Foodservice operators who are short on space, but never short on the need to boost sales, will appreciate the new Heated Snack Merchandiser from NEMCO Food Equipment. This simple countertop unit offers the efficiency of a compact frame with several merchandising nuances for increased profit potential. A dual rack system with two movable stainless steel shelves can take on 17 different positions and can be slanted to optimize visual appeal of the food. It features soft lighting and a variable temperature setting. For more, call 800-782-6761 or log onto
Circle 129

Starbucks Coffee Company has introduced the new Serena Organic Blend to foodservice. Cafe Estima Blend and Organic Shade Grown Mexico are also part of the conservation and Certified Coffees available to operators. For more information on these and other products, visit 130

A healthier, less expensive alternative to beef, Butterball's Turkey Pot Roast is a whole new way to look at meat and potatoes. It's 98 percent fat free and naturally low in sodium and saturated fats, yet brings exceptional flavor to your menu. The pot roast includes a demi-glaze sauce packet and optional chopped vegetables. For more information, call 919-658-6743.
Circle 131

Take school breakfast to a whole new level with new Belgian Chef Whole Grain Waffle Stix brand waffles from Nestle Foodservices. Each serving offers 11 grams of whole grains and zero grams of trans fats. The thick, crunchy waffles are available in Original and Cinnamon flavors. Call 800-288-8682 or visit

Pan-Sear Selects is an innovative line of value-added seafood from Fishery Products International. These lightly seasoned fillets are a seafood industry breakthrough in their taste profile, total flexibility in cooking preparation methods and versatility across the entire menu. To learn more, visit
Circle 132

Trident Seafoods has introduced a new line of breaded fish portions that dramatically reduce the amount of fat and calories per serving without sacrificing any of the comfort associated with deep-fried or par-fried fish. Trident Heart Smart portions are cut from 100 percent pure Alaska Pollock and contain fewer than 3 grams of fat per serving. Par-fried, they are designed to be bake-only portions that brown up nicely in a conventional or convection oven. Call 800-367-6065 to learn more.
Circle 117

Superpretzel Superstix Stuffed Soft Pretzel Sticks are now offered in a delicious Strawberry Cream Cheese flavor. The cinnamon-flavored soft pretzel dough is stuffed with the filling and can be topped with frosting as a unique alternative to traditional sweet breakfast rolls or Danish. The product is available in a convenient individually wrapped package. For more information, call J&J Snack Foods at 888-JJSNACK ext. 750.
Circle 118

Capitalize on the popularity of pork with Tyson Breaded Pork Bites. They are versatile enough to work in appetizer, center-of-the-plate or other ingredient applications and are especially well-suited for midscale buffet settings. For menu ideas or more information, visit or phone 800-24-TYSON.

“Exploring the World of U.S. Rice,” a new educational DVD from the USA Rice Federation in collaboration with the Culinary Institute of America, provides detailed product information, training videos and inspiring recipes. The DVD is designed to support foodservice operators as they develop innovative culinary creations and on-trend menu items, and culinary schools as they train future chefs on how to use rice to meet the demands of today's customers. Call 800-888-RICE for a copy.
Circle 120

Campbell's Healthy Request soups, created from recipes using high-quality ingredients, are now seasoned with lower-sodium natural sea salt. The six varieties — minestrone, vegetable beef, tomato, chicken noodle, cream of chicken and cream of mushroom — are now also certified by the American Heart Association. To learn more, visit or call 800-879-7687.

New Pop-Tarts One Serving of Whole Grain from Kellogg's Food Away from Home has a crust made with 16 grams of whole grain in two of the most popular flavors, Strawberry and Brown Sugar Cinnamon. Each pastry provides 1-1/4 bread equivalents and meets common K-12 a la carte requirements and comes in a colorful, convenient single-serve microwavable package. Visit or phone 877-511-5777.
Circle 143

The Clean Hands Glove from DayMark Safety Systems is ideal for environments such as bars, bakeries and delis. The glove provides an easy way for foodservice workers to handle food in a manner that reduces cross-contamination. It can be removed at the docking station and used for the same day at a later time without becoming contaminated. Available as a mitt or a three-finger glove, it also resists tears and allows multiple uses. For more information or a catalog, visit or call 800-847-0101.
Circle 121

It's easy to give fresh, frozen and par-baked goods a golden-brown, glossy finish. Just spray on Par-Way Tryson's new Bake-Sheen aerosol egg wash subtsitute after baking and before the product cools. Shelf-stable with no mixing or refrigeration needed, egg-free Bake-Sheen aerosol is always ready, safe to use and Kosher pareve. Visit or call 800-642-0088 to learn more.
Circle 127

All foodservice items packed under the Sea Watch family of brands are now trans fat free. Many of these products have always been free of trans fats; some formulations such as chowders, soups and breaded items needed slight modifications in ingredients. To learn more, call 800-SEA-CLAM or visit
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To satisfy the growing demand for grab-and-go breakfast foods, McCain Foods introduces new Early Risers hot, handheld breakfasts. The combination of potatoes, eggs, bacon and cheese wrapped in a crispy corn flake coating provides a hearty start to the day, perfect for on-the-go guests. Early Risers have zero grams of trans fat and feature bake-or-fry convenience. Call 800-952-4432 or visit

The new Sunkist culinary training and education module provides culinary professionals everything they need to increase their knowledge of fresh citrus as a food, ingredient and merchandising tool. Available in an easy-to-use CD-ROM format, this self-teaching educational tool consists of six basic learning blocks and three lesson plans that explore the world of citrus. Users can learn about everything from the healthy benefits of citrus to how to distinguish a Dancy tangerine from a Fairchild tangerine; the program also explores various ethnic cuisines that rely on fresh citrus and how to incorporate citrus varieties onto menus. For a free copy, e-mail [email protected] or call 818-986-4800 ext. 7437.
Circle 119

Three new varieties of all-butter Entrée Croissants from Vie de France include the Fiesta Omelette, with bell peppers and Pepperjack cheese; the Sunrise Omelette, with cheddar cheese and turkey Canadian-style bacon; and the Breakfast Burger Omelette, with a grilled beef patty and cheddar cheese. For more information, call 800-446-4404.
Circle 146

SN-Series SoftQube nugget-type ice machines from Manitowoc Ice are high-volume units designed to produce softer, chewable nugget ice while still providing maximum cooling effect. They produce 477-955 pounds of ice per day depending on the unit and are available in air- or water-cooled versions. Log onto for more.
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