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Breadbaskets are no longer just for bread. Authentic Bavarian Soft Pretzel Sticks from J&J Snack Foods provide a hearth-baked, Bavarian-themed taste alternative to the ho-hum. Also an ideal accompaniment to an ice-cold beer, the sticks are frozen, fully baked and ready to heat and serve or thaw and serve. Call 888-JJSNACK or visit for more.
Circle 100

Smucker's PlateScapers dessert toppings are a great way to transform a dessert menu into memorable spring creations with minimal effort. Trim holiday-themed cookies or create irresistible cakes using multiple flavors; the possibilities are endless, and for only pennies a serving. To learn more, call 330-682-3000 or visit

The latest addition to Hobart's line of ovens, the Combi Oven provides convection, steam and combination modes for endless cooking possibilities from one device. The flexibility to choose from three cooking modes is ideal for maximizing equipment efficiency and producing consistent results. A boilerless design uses minimal water for maximum results and automatically cuts power usage in half once the desired temperature has been achieved. Check out to learn more.
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Customers want new, exciting flavors to wake up their taste buds, and Perdue's fully cooked, glazed Jumbo Bourbon Peppercorn Wings deliver. The new variety will add flavor to any appetizer menu and appeal to the demand for on-trend tastes. For more information, visit
Circle 103

Looking to add excitement to a spring menu? Capitalize on Fresh Hass Avocados with their broad appeal and versatility for applications across the menu and throughout the day. Available year-round, they feature a creamy-smooth texture and subtle nutty flavor. For menu ideas, call 800-370-3782.
Circle 104

Electric-powered for long and safe hot food holding, Cambro's Ultra Pan Carrier H-Series takes hot holding and insulated transport to a whole new level. Perfect for frequent opening and closing, extreme cold ambient temperatures and longer events, Hot Holding Ultra Pan Carriers and Ultra Camcarts extend hot food holding time and ensure food safety, providing an economical alternative to large warming cabinets. Call 800-854-7631 to learn more.
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Otis Spunkmeyer's special knack for making cookies, along with delightfully rich Barry Callebaut chocolate, are the secret ingredients that make new Chocolate Lover's cookies so irresistible. The newest flavors include Chocolate Obsession and Double Chocolate Brownie. For more information, call 888-ASK-OTIS or visit
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Mars Foodservices offers up a full line of leading brands and hardworking displays to increase impulse candy sales. Available in a variety of sizes, the countertop displays are ideal for merchandising M&M's, Snickers, Skittles, Starburst, Twix, 3 Musketeers and Milky Way. For more information on the displays, phone 800-432-2331 or visit

Whether guests are concerned with weight and shape management or focused on a healthy cardiovascular system, the Kellogg's Wellness Assortment of Individual Cereal Boxes of better-for-you brands can maximize profits by providing popular choices while saving on labor, prep time and cleanup. Five of Kellogg's most popular adult cereal brands are now available in an assortment pack of convenient, grab-and-go-size boxes. For details, visit or call 877-511-5777.
Circle 107

Robot Coupe's CL50D Vegetable Prep Machine will prepare vegetables for more than 1,200 servings in under three hours. With 39 different processing discs available, you can slice, shred, grate, French-fry, julienne and dice even hard-to-dice onions and tomatoes. The CL50D is built to provide dependable, long-term, day-in-day-out service for years. Visit to learn more.
Circle 108

The new multifunctional Convertible Utility Cart from Rubbermaid Commercial Products converts into a platform truck, improving efficiency, productivity and workplace safety. It has a 400-pound capacity as a utility cart and 250 pounds as a platform truck. A recessed top prevents items from falling during transport and an extended lower deck makes loading easier. Visit or phone 800-347-9800.
Circle 109

Precision Foods is now distributing True Lemon and True Lime to foodservice accounts. True Lemon and True Lime are crystallized alternatives made from 100 percent all-natural ingredients. They are sold in handy stay-fresh foil packets in 500-count boxes and are available in shaker form for cooking, baking and seasoning. For samples and more on the products, call 800-442-5242.
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Hoshizaki's KMS-750MLH Crescent Cube Ice Machine is said to be 75 percent quieter than traditional remote units. The unit uses a remote condenser and compressor stationed outside the kitchen to reduce noise and heat. A space-saving design allows for an ideal installation on top of a beverage dispenser. The unit can produce up to 77 pounds of ice per day. For more, visit
Circle 111

The United States Potato Board invites chefs to show off their state's unique cuisine — and their favorite potato dish — by entering the board's 50 States of Potato Recipe Contest. The grand prize is a trip to Napa Valley to attend the Worlds of Flavor Conference at the Culinary Institute of America at Greystoke in November 2008. Deadline for entries is May 31. For rules and an entry form, visit
Circle 110

A new recipe CD from Equal includes baked goods, desserts, beverages and marinades. The CD also offers an easy-to-follow sugar-to-Equal conversion chart. Call 888-658-1948 for your copy.
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With Kraft's Ritz Crushed Pieces and new Easy Prep Pouches, seafood preparation has never been so simple. Ritz Crushed Pieces are the simplest way to add a golden crispy crunch to any seafood delight. And, for the first time, Kraft Real Mayonnaise and Extra Heavy Mayonnaise, Miracle Whip Salad Dressing and Kraft Slaw Dressing are all available in Easyprep Pouches to maximize efficiency and minimize prep time. Log onto to learn more.
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On-hand pantry ingredients are a creative source for signature dishes in “From Our Chef to Yours,” a brochure from Basic American Foods' corporate executive chef, Keith Darling. Recipes in the free brochure help keep costs down by using items readily on hand to create signature dishes. Recipes include Brazilian Style Black Beans and Rice; Caramelized Onion Mashed Potatoes with Thyme and more. For a copy, call 800-722-2084 or visit

Hormel has introduced four new bulk Natural Choice deli meats to the foodservice industry. These premium meats are 100 percent natural, with no artificial ingredients, no coloring, no synthetic ingredients and minimal processing. To learn more, visit
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As of January 2008, air-cooled, cube-style ice machines that meet maximum potable water and energy consumption limits are eligible for Energy Star certification. Dozens of machines made by Manitowoc Ice have qualified for the program. To see a current list of qualified units, visit
Circle 115

Vie de France has added a flaky All Natural Croissant to its list of menu items. These frozen, proof-and-bake all-butter croissants come in three sizes: petit, medium and large. All are flaky on the outside, light and airy on the inside, with no preservatives or artificial ingredients. Call 800-446-4404 to learn more.
Circle 116

For the fifth straight year, Tyson Foods was ranked first in new product development in the foodservice industry. The ranking resulted from a nationwide study by Cognitio, a foodservice product potential measurement company that included feedback from more than 800 foodservice operators.

The Dannon Company has launched The new website is designed to keep operators informed and educated about the company's products and service and give operators the tools they need to understand the away-from-home consumer of healthy and functional foods. An applications section delivers profitable and delicious ways to use yogurt.
Circle 117

Pan-Sear Selects is an innovative line of value-added seafood from Fishery Products International. These lightly seasoned fillets are a seafood industry breakthrough in their taste profile, total flexibility in cooking preparation methods and versatility across the entire menu. To learn more, visit
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Georgia-Pacific Food Services Solutions' latest addition to its Dixie Insulair insulated paper cups is the new Interlude design. The new look combines vibrant musical accents and warm red and gold hues to complement the performance of triple-wall layering that keeps beverages hot. It's offered in 8-, 12-, 16-, 20- and 24-ounce sizes. Call 800-257-9744 or visit
Circle 119

Star Manufacturing has added new Holman Countertop Convection Ovens to its product lineup. They are available in four sizes and provide maximum baking capabilities in a minimum footprint. They are ideal for restaurants, coffee shops, kiosks, catering and a variety of additional foodservice applications. For more information, visit
Circle 120

Bring the bold authentic flavor of Latin foods to your menu with Butterball's Pavo Authentico. Delicious thigh meat with exotic hints of Latin-inspired flavor, Pavo is the ideal choice for lettuce wraps, Cuban sandwiches, ropa vieja — even Cuban-inspired pizza. Shred Pavo for tacos, enchiladas, empanadas and burritos or your own signature dish. Call 919-658-6743 to learn more.
Circle 127

Bush's Best introduces Homestyle Chili in a 96-ounce batch-size pouch. Loaded with the finest kidney and pinto beans, premium beef and zesty vegetables in a rich, flavorful sauce, the chili is match-for-scratch delicious. As an entrée, soup or side, it's ready to serve and ready to wow customers. For a free sample and $4 off every case, call 800-251-0968.
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Individually portioned 4-ounce Dole Fruit Bowls and 4.3-ounce Fruit Parfaits and Fruit Bowls in Gel cups stack up to demands for healthier meal choices. Parfaits are available in Pineapple, Peach and Apples & Caramel Creme; shelf-stable Fruit Bowls and Fruit Bowls in Gel are sold in nine varieties. Both offer healthful options for side dishes, snacks or desserts. Visit or call 800-723-9868 for more on these products.
Circle 129

“Exploring the World of U.S. Rice,” a new educational DVD from the USA Rice Federation in collaboration with the Culinary Institute of America, provides detailed product information, training videos and inspiring recipes. The DVD is designed to support foodservice operators as they develop innovative culinary creations and on-trend menu items, and culinary schools as they train future chefs on how to use rice to meet the demands of today's customers. Call 800-888-RICE for a copy.
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Computrition's Hospitality Suite Foodservice Operations Management software does everything from recipe and menu inception to postmeal costing and analysis. With optional ASP hosting and full technical support, it's also easy to set up. Visit or phone 800-222-4488.
Circle 131

Alto-Shaam's new Platinum Series ASC-2E half-size convection oven has a capacity of nine half-size sheet pans. It features solid welded construction, a porcelain enamel interior and four-inch, heavy-duty equipment legs or an optional oven stand. It includes a solid stainless steel door with a double-pane thermal window. Call 800-558-8744 or visit to learn more.
Circle 132

A perfect twist on the apple pie, Apple Frangipane, new from Sweet Street Desserts, is stirring a lot of excitement. This treat is made from the finest customer-beloved ingredients — tart apples, sweetened and spiced with caramel and cinnamon, sitting atop a crisp crust and frangipane layer. Visit or phone 800-793-3897 to learn more.
Circle 133

Starbucks Coffee Company has introduced the new Serena Organic Blend to foodservice. Cafe Estima Blend and Organic Shade Grown Mexico are also part of the conservation and Certified Coffees available to operators. For more information on these and other products, visit
Circle 134

The new Mary Jane design from Shoes for Crews features premium full-grain leather, a compressed foam midsole and a cushioned, stitched-down outsole for maximum comfort. The SFC-III Slip-Resistant Outsole is the best part. Phone 877-NO-SLIPS or visit to learn more.
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Cargill's Culinary Edge Cooked Meats offer quality, consistency and convenience to ensure holiday meals that are delicious and memorable for patrons and easy for back-of-house staff. For recipes and serving suggestions, call 800-373-6515 or visit
Circle 122

Electrolux Smart Reach-in Refrigerators and Freezers are equipped with a revolutionary control system to ensure back-of-house efficiency as well as food safety and quality. Multiple temperature probes allow for continuous management of ambient, internal storage, condenser and evaporator temperature. An electronic control system includes a memory function that records up to 24 hours of performance time and temperature history. Visit for more.
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Hershey's new Cinnamon Baking Chips are bite-sized chips that allow operators to incorporate a unique flavor that can enhance a variety of recipes including cookies, cakes and muffins. For recipes and more, visit or phone 877-772-3556.
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Pilgrim's Pride Foodservice introduces Pierce Chicken Filet-Vors. These premium breast fillets deliver consumer-chosen flavors in a choice of three convenient formats: IF raw marinated, par-fried and fully cooked unbreaded fillets. Call 800-336-9876 or visit for more.
Circle 125

Kikkoman's Tamari Soy Sauce is naturally brewed and thicker, darker and stronger-tasting than traditional soy sauce. It can be used as a dipping sauce, marinade, flavor enhancer or as an accent for Asian-inspired salad dressings and sauces. Log onto or phone 800-944-0600 to learn more.
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