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Mediterranean Accent

Good Stuff: Roasted Gorgonzola-stuffed sweet onions are bursting with flavor

Its twists and turns can elevate simple recipes to sublime dining experiences, with the help of quality ingredients. For example, at One Sunset in L.A., the tenderloin of beef carpaccio is served with drunken figs, melted Saga croutons and truffled saba, while at Pegasus Restaurant in Chicago’s Greek Town, the “Athenian Dinner in Autumn” event savored the season by celebrating Greek cuisine. Featured entrees included honey-roasted leg of lamb.

On our recipe pages you’ll find pasta inspirations such as gnocchi in Gorgonzola cream with red grapes, and fettuccine with applewood-smoked bacon and sundried tomatoes. Appetizer ideas include roasted mushroom hummus, Gorgonzola-stuffed sweet onions, and artichoke salad with fava beans, arugula and ricotta dura. For seafood-loving customers, we’ve included tomato waterpoached halibut with fennel garlic confit, seared shrimp with roasted pepper salad and grilled Parmesan polenta and more.

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