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Hershey's Food Service has developed 10 new recipes featuring the flavors of the fall baking season. This year's recipes include unique chocolate applications, on-trend flavors and options that work for multiple food service segments. From hearty soups like Ginger Peanut Soup, warm, delectable desserts like Autumn Turnovers, to unique beverage options like Hot Chocolate Mint Tea, Hershey's provides operators with delicious recipes that create exciting menus across day parts. For information, visit or call 877-772-3556.

Tyson Food Service introduces Small Wins Big, its fourth platform in the Ideas @ the Heart of Value series. Small-plate popularity is proving the old adage true that “less is more,” giving consumers a big reason to indulge. Small Wins Big explores big ideas and products to help you take advantage of the small-plates trend. To explore the fourth edition of Ideas @ the Heart of Value, sign up for future volumes, and access menuing ideas, recipe information, and downloadable merchandising materials, visit

Kraft Foodservice announces the launch of SmartSearch, an efficient web-based tool for school foodservice operators looking to make new menu decisions. The search engine allows you to search the Kraft Foodservice portfolio and to filter search results by nutritional criteria. The program provides relevant nutritional detail including percent calorie content from fat and saturated fat and percent weight from sugar. Visit For more resources for schools, go to

General Mills Foodservice can help operators offer baked good and dessert variety while simplifying the back of house, with the new Gold Medal “Make More With Less” cookbook. The cookbook features more than 50 recipes and photos that showcase the versatility of Gold Medal baking mix to create desserts, muffins, quick breads, bars, and more. Also included are merchandising and packaging tips, menu ideas, and brand building. Operators can use a special Gold Medal baking mix rebate, now available from, or by contacting their General Mills Foodservice sales representative.

MARS Foodservices brings you a full line of leading brands and hardworking displays. Increase impulse candy sales with MARS Foodservices confectionary racks. Available in a variety of sizes, these countertop displays are perfect for merchandising America's favorite candy brands — M&M'S, Snickers, Skittles, Starburst, Twix, 3 Musketeers, and Milky Way. For more information on the complimentary candy displays, call 800-432-2331 or visit

Basic American Foods offers Menu Economics, a free program to help operators reduce food costs without sacrificing quality; increase perceived value, while lowering costs; and save on operational costs, while increasing efficiency. Tools include a “Cost Calculator” for food items and plate portions; cost-saving ideas for portion resizing and protein alternatives; tips to save on operational costs and labor; nutritional comparisons of entrée items, and plating suggestions and recipes. Download the program at or call 800-722-2084.

It can be challenging for consumers seeking a gluten-free diet to find variety and adequate nutrition particularly those with Celiac disease — a digestive disorder that causes an immune reaction and requires a lifelong avoidance of gluten-containing foods. USA Rice, a naturally gluten-free and highly digestible grain, provides beneficial nutrients for a healthy diet. It is also low in calories, sodium- and cholesterol-free, and has no trans fat or saturated fat. Sample gluten-free recipes using U.S.-grown rice by visiting the USA Rice Federation website at

Canteen Vending Services is now offering Kellogg's Special K, Nutri-Grain and Kashi cereal bars and snack bars as part of the Balanced Choices vending machine program. Balanced Choices vending machines are the only vending destination where 100 percent of the offerings are better-for-you. Given the rise in demand for better-for-you products, Kellogg nutritious cereal bar and snack bar options translate into higher sales and profits for operators. For details visit

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