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NC State Reorganizes Dining/Hospitality Unit

Core functions centralized and key players' roles redefined.

Campus Enterprises, the lead division for hospitality and retail services at North Carolina State University, has centralized several core functions and redefined the responsibilities of a number of its officers.

Randy Lait has assumed responsibility as senior director of hospitality services and will continue to oversee University Dining, as well as lead the development of campus hospitality initiatives and oversee marketing and public relations. As senior director for Campus Enterprises financial services, Richard Hayes will oversee accounting and cash operations for the division and also continue to oversee NC State Bookstores.

Diane Chilcote, who has been the assistant director/accounting manager for NC State Bookstores for the past three years, will assume day-to-day responsibility for Campus Enterprises accounting. Dorothy McLeod who has been human resources manager for University Dining will assume responsibility as human resources manager for all Campus Enterprise units.

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