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Eco-Friendly Food Containers

Bio-Plus Earth food containers are made from 100 percent recycled paper using 35 percent or greater postconsumer reclaimed paper. These microwaveable food containers from Fold-Pak are grease- and leak-resistant and can hold all types of food: hot, cold, wet or dry.

Sanitary Hand Wipes

Nice-Pak Products introduces Sani-Hands for Kids Antimicrobial Alcohol Gel Hand Wipes. The wipes are a portable, fun and easy way to clean hands when soap and water aren't available. The wipes are available in 220-count canisters, individual “on-the-go” packets and countertop dispensers.

Refrigeration System

Master-Bilt's MRS series modular multi-compressor refrigeration system saves energy and reduces in-store heat and noise. Remoting all refrigeration systems to a single MRS system removes the heat produced from the kitchen and reduces the air conditioning load.

Insulated Beverage Cups

G-P FSS offers PerfecTouch cups, specially insulated cups in a variety of attractive designs. The patented heat-shielding outer lining keeps hands comfortable to the touch and eliminates the need for double-cupping or protective sleeves.

Turkey Pot Roast

Butterball Turkey Pot Roast gives you another opportunity to dazzle your patrons. The Pot Roast is fully cooked and includes a savory demi-glaze packet for ultimate ease of preparation. This healthier alternative to beef pot roast provides multiple menu options.

Pest Management

The most advanced cockroach bait available, Maxforce FC Magnum from Bayer Environmental Science kills even the most finicky cockroaches within hours, whether they ingest the bait or simply contact it. With the exclusive Domino Effect, roaches share the bait with each other, killing roaches deep inside walls and inaccessible areas.

Conveyor Oven

The new 3255 Impinger conveyor oven from Lincoln Foodservice Products is engineered for quick production of sandwiches, appetizers, pizzas and more. The oven features easy-to-use digital controls and can reduce baking times by up to 30 percent.

Specialty Cheeses

Roth Käse makes Grand Cru Gruyère Surchoix, a handcrafted, washed-rind cheese that is cellar cured for nine months or more, and Buttermilk Blue, a creamy and piquant raw milk blue cheese.

Safe and Green

At Boggiatto Produce, a steadfast commitment to food safety is the most critical part of the Quality to the Core promise. A comprehensive, in-house program is regularly audited by third-party experts to ensure the highest-quality, safest product possible.

Conveyor Dishwasher

Using up to 30 percent less water and energy than other conveyor dishwashers with equal productivity, the Conveyor Dishwasher Line by Electrolux Professional is the highly efficient solution for warewashing demands. After cleaning 200 racks in one hour, only 79 gallons of water are used.

Organic Yogurt Tubes

Horizon Organic yogurt tubes deliver wholesome, delicious organic yogurt in a fun, kid-friendly form. They're perfect for casual family dining, cafeteria service and the grab-and-go deli case. Like all Horizon Organic products, yogurt tubes are certified organic.

Ingredient Bins

New durable ingredient Safety Storage Bins from Rubbermaid Commercial Products update the popular bins with new benefits, including two new smaller capacities, dual-position lids promoting one-handed operation and an integrated Safety Portioning Scoop. The lids are a revolutionary design allowing for stackable units as well as placement flexibility.

Open Pot Fryers

Imperial's new open pot design provides easy cleaning of both the frying area and the deep cold zone. These stainless steel frypots have radius formed edges with a 14- by 14-inch frying area, making them perfect for all-purpose frying. The open pot has no tube-fired burners and no air shutter adjustments are needed.

Veal Products

Dutch Valley Foods introduces domestic, special-fed Dutch Valley Veal. Nothing distinguishes a menu quite like veal, and nothing offers the discerning chef more opportunities to vary the menu and thrill customers. Call 800-832-8325 to learn more.

Beef and Chicken Gravies

Quick-fixing Pioneer Frozen Gravies deliver homemade taste and appearance with minimal time and labor; just thaw, heat and serve. Varieties include the new trans fat-free Beef and Chicken flavors, along with the comfort classic Sausage Gravy.

Versatile Oven

Cleveland Range's MINI-Combi is uniquely designed to bake, fry, steam, grill, roast, retherm and hold. At only 20 inches wide, the tabletop MINI has been upgraded to hold full-size 12- by 20-inch steam pans.

Whole Grain Pastas

Dakota Growers' 100% Whole Grain Pastas are naturally healthy with a fresh, nutty taste. Their excellent al dente texture holds up well to traditional foodservice handling methods. Call 763-253-0441.

Pork Appetizers

Red's Legendary Ribeez by Hatfield Quality Meats are delicious fully cooked wing-style pork appetizers. They provide a profitable solution to your customer's needs. Visit

Probiotic Dairy Drink

The Dannon Company introduces DanActive to foodservice. DanActive is a unique and delicious probiotic dairy drink featuring Dannon's L. casei immunitas culture. They'll love the benefits, and you'll love the profits. Learn more at

Easier Scratch Baking

Eagle Brand products from Smucker Foodservice produce honest, made-from-scratch desserts with luscious looks, terrific texture and fabulous flavor. Use scratch-baking products from Eagle Brand to expand your desserts. Visit

Spicy Pepper Sauces

You'll find exactly the flavor and heat you want in the full line of TABASCO® spicy pepper sauces: Original TABASCO brand Pepper Sauce, TABASCO brand Green Jalapeño Pepper Sauce, milder TABASCO brand Garlic Pepper Sauce, fruity and fiery TABASCO brand Habanero Sauce, bold and flavorful TABASCO brand Chipotle Pepper Sauce and TABASCO brand SWEET & Spicy Pepper Sauce.

Eye/Face Wash Solutions

T&S Brass now offers an exciting line of emergency foodservice equipment solutions for environments where corrosive chemicals are used. From portable to wall-mounted, sink or countertop-mounted models, the wide selection of eye and face wash stations are assembled and water tested at two pressures.

Grilled Vegetables

Easily add bold flavor and ethnic appeal to your menu with Gilroy Foods CM Vegetables, brought to you by Lamb Weston. With less water content than IQF, they perform better in application. Plus, you'll savor the operational benefits of consistent quality, availability and lower labor costs.

Condiment Organizers

Sturdy countertop organizers from Server Products will keep condiment areas clean while helping operators eliminate mess and waste. Available in four convenient models, the organizers are perfect for straws, napkins, coffee creamers and more.

Slip-Resistant Comfort

Charge up your performance with the new Nitro by Shoes For Crews. This low-profile athletic style features a slip-resistant outsole and genuine leather.

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