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Pastitsio (Greek Macaroni Pie)

INGREDIENTS:25 lbs.macaroni noodles, uncooked 50 lbs.ground beef 10 lbs.onions, diced 6 gals. + 1 qt. tomato puree 2 cupsolive oil 2 cupsbutter, melted (½ cup per pan) to tastesalt and pepper 5 gals.milk 4 lbs.butter 4 lbs.flour 64 eacheggs 2 lbs.cheddar cheese, grated (for sauce) 8 cupscheddar cheese, grated (2 cups per pan)DIRECTIONS:1. In a large steam kettle, cook meat and onions in about 1 qt. of water until water is absorbed, stirring once or twice. Add oil and brown meat mixture. Add salt and pepper. 2. Add tomato puree and simmer 30 minutes. 3. Cook macaroni al dente; rinse and cool; set aside. 4. Assemble casserole in four ½ -in. pans, layering macaroni, then 1 cup cheese for each pan, then meat mixture. Top with more macaroni and more cheese. Pour ½ cup melted butter over each pan. 5. Melt 4 lbs. of butter; add flour to make roux, and cook 5 minutes. Add milk, stirring constantly. Add 1 lb. grated cheese and salt to taste. When thickened, beat eggs and slowly add to the sauce. 6. Spread sauce evenly over macaroni; sprinkle each pan with ½ cup grated cheese. 7. Bake at 300ºF in convection oven for 30 to 40 minutes or until 165ºF internal temperature is reached and top is browned.SERVINGS:150 servingsFrom:Recipe from Chef de Cuisine Gregory Brandes, MedCentral Health System, Mansfield, OH

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