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The Refreshing Difference

The Refreshing Difference

New Nestlé® Vitality® Enhanced Flavored Waters are the on-trend choices in flavorful, zero-calorie, vitamin-enhanced cold beverages.

This is a message from Nestlé Vitality.

Consumers are switching from beverages with carbonation, sugar, calories and artificial ingredients to lighter, more natural beverages in step with healthful lifestyles. At the same time, when they choose beverages, they demand greater variety than ever before.

Enter new Nestlé Vitality Enhanced Flavored Waters, a line of refreshing, zero-calorie vitamin-enhanced beverages that satisfies this growing demand for healthful refreshment and flavor variety. The delicious, on-trend flavors are Blueberry Pomegranate Acai, Strawberry Kiwi, Tropical Mango, Lemon Lime, Watermelon and Grape Raspberry.

For operators looking to add flavorful variety to their beverage menus, Nestlé Vitality brand Enhanced Flavored Waters are a unique and profitable way to make a beverage program stand out. These all-occasion refreshers also go hand-in-hand with today’s healthier eating habits and the trend of consuming smaller, more frequent meals and snacks.

Research shows that when consumers dine out they seek variety and more healthful alternatives in beverages. According to the Ketchum Global Research and Analytics Consumer Survey in January 2012, 86 percent of consumers said they were interested in beverages other than carbonated soft drinks. And 77 percent said they would be more likely to order juices, juice drinks, enhanced waters and teas if a restaurant offered Nestlé Vitality branded cold beverages.

In addition, nearly half of consumers believe that Nestlé Vitality Enhanced Flavored Waters are a better-for-you option…and consumers are right. These enhanced waters include Vitamin C, which helps lower blood pressure and is a powerful antioxidant, Vitamin B6, Niacin and Vitamin B5, which promote energy and lower cholesterol and Vitamin B12, which benefits the nervous system and memory.

The new Nestlé Vitality Enhanced Flavored Waters are dispensed cold and consistently from the four-drink Nestlé Vitality Express® beverage dispensing system. This operator-preferred cold beverage dispenser is a colorful, eye-catching merchandiser that can be customized with the flavors your patrons like best. The four-drink Express includes a Switch-a-Brix® option which allows the operator to easily change up flavor selections with just a flip of a switch. It’s easy to go from serving nutritious 100 percent juices in the morning to thirst-quenching teas, lemonades, and enhanced flavored waters in the afternoon and evening.

The Nestlé Vitality brand program includes enhanced flavored waters as well as a full variety of juices, fusions like Pomegranate Lemonade and Mojito Limeade, teas and more. These unique refreshments are easily served from the Express beverage dispensing system, which eliminates the labor, inconsistency and mess of mixing beverages manually as well as the headaches of handling and storing bottled beverages and dealing with the empties. The system perfectly blends flavor concentrate and water on demand every time. In addition, it is safe and sanitary because it is a closed dispensing system with no hoses or tubes to harbor bacteria. Furthermore, it is built for speed, delivering up to five 5-ounce portions per minute at a temperature under 45 degrees Fahrenheit to meet the demands of a busy operation.

Your environmentally aware patrons will appreciate the greater sustainability of the Nestlé Vitality Express system. For example, compare the Nestlé Vitality dispensed enhanced flavored waters to serving bottled waters. One case of three 3-liter Express cartridges serves the equivalent of 152 12-ounce water bottles.

The new Nestlé Vitality brand beverage program makes it easy to serve patrons a variety of refreshing beverages like enhanced flavored waters, on-trend juices, fusions and teas.

For more information about boosting your beverage program with Nestlé Vitality solutions, call 888-863-6726 or visit

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