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Sensational Summer Salads


According to a recent Market Facts survey for the Association for Dressings and Sauces, the most popular salad dressing choice is Italian. Ranch and blue cheese are also big with American consumers. But beyond that bit of news, what’s on America’s salad plate?

Among this month’s recipes, you’ll find many Mediterranean-inspired ideas such as the grilled potato salad from chef Tracy O’Grady at Kinkead’s in Washington, D.C., roasted red onion panzanella from chef Craig Stoll of Delfina in San Francisco, a fresh tomato and French green bean salad from Chef David Ruggerio of Brasserie Bit in New York City, and a duck prosciutto salad from chef Michael Kramer of McCrady’s Restaurant in Charleston, S.C.

Fruit salads abound, and we’re providing several examples. From chef Lauren Lee of The Guest House in Waco, Texas, comes a recipe for chicken and nectarine salad. You’ll also find a blueberry, apricot and sweet onion combo, from chef Carole Peck of Good News Café in Woodbury, Conn. Jose Andres of Jaleo in Washington, D.C. offers a salad of endives, Serrano ham, Cabrales cheese and clementines.

Robust salads include the slow-roasted salmon with watercress, beets and goat cheese, from Snake River Grill in Jackson Hole, Wy. See our recipe pages for more salad inspirations.

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