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A showcase of new products, ideas and manufacturer news.

A showcase of new products, ideas and manufacturer news.

The product description on this page is more than a year old and may or may not still be available as described here. Interested FM readers should contact the product manufacturer directly or contact local foodservice distributors to check on its regional availability.

It's easier than ever to serve risotto with Uncle Ben's Classic Risotto from MASTERFOODSERVICES. Convenient heat-andserve technology produces fully cooked risotto in less than 90 seconds. Made with 100-percent Arborio rice, the product is shelf stable and available in small pouches that allow prep of one or two servings at a time. Visit or phone 800-432-2331 to learn more.
CARGILL MEAT SOLUTIONS helps solve operators' need for quality control, convenience and simplified preparation with an extensive line of precooked, perfectly seasoned meats. Among products are tender roast beef, boneless prime rib, slow-roasted pot roasts, beef ribs, authentic corned beef and pastrami, fresh and conveniently sliced deli meats, spiral-sliced sugar-cured ham and turkey. Call 800-373-6515 or log onto to learn more.
Naturally smoked with real maple, CLEAR SPRINGS' Maplewood Smoked Clear•Cuts Guaranteed Boneless Rainbow Trout Fillets and Skinless/Boneless Fillet Pieces combine a bold, smoked flavor with the unique taste and texture of Rainbow Trout. Fillets are also available in Roasted Garlic, Lemon & Black Pepper and Cracked Black Pepper flavors. Clear•Cuts products are 100% guaranteed boneless. For recipes, visit
DOLE offers a selection of vending products that are as delicious as they are nutritious. They also satisfy schools' growing demand for healthier vending choices. Snack machine options come in kid-pleasing flavors with eye-catching graphics and kidfriendly plastic packaging. For cold food machines, Dole products are large enough for a meal and include a full serving of fruit.
Cheerios is one of GENERAL MILLS' Big G breakfast cereals now made with whole grain.The company reformulated its popular cereals in response to research that shows diets rich in whole grain foods have a protective effect against several forms of cancer and heart disease. Call 800-874-1451 or visit to learn more.
SARA LEE FOODSERVICE presents six new desserts made with top-selling cookies and candies. Products range from Toffee Tantrum Cheesecake made with Heath Toffee Bits to Chocolate Mint Cream Layer Pie topped with Andes Crðme de Menthe Chips and more.Visit or call 800-682-SARA for more information on how these new branded ingredient desserts can sweeten your sales and profits.
Rocket Fuel, a new energy drink from ICEE (a subsidiary of J&J SNACK FOODS CORP.), is popping up in convenience stores in Texas, Colorado, Arizona and California. Available in Red Cherry and Pineapple Orange flavors, Rocket Fuel is served in collector's edition cups featuring Houston Astros pitcher Roger "The Rocket" Clemens, who is a spokesman for the brand. Visit or call 800-426-4243 for more information.
Comfort foods are always hot, and SIMPLOT's Spudsters are a tasty twist on the latest trend. Spudsters are creamy, bite-sized puffs of mashed potatoes encased in a crispy shell. You can pop them in your mouth or pick them up with a fork. Exceptional baked or fried, They stay crisp and warm, making them superb for take-out, tray-line and quick-service applications. Available in Garlic, Original Buttery, Cracked Pepper, Cheese and Toasted Onion varieties. Visit or call 800-572-7783 for more.
Finally, a great-tasting diet drink that's also good for you: Diet V8 Splash with Splenda from CAMBPELL'S Food Away food Home. One taste and customers won't believe it has just 10 calories and 3 grams of sugar per 8-ounce serving. It's also rich in antioxidant vitamins A, C and E. Visit or call 800-879-7687.
HERSHEY Creamery Company's Cappuccino Fudge Ice Cream Sandwich is an extension of a popular ice cream flavor. Rich cappuccino ice cream is layered with thick fudge ripples and carefully sandwiched between two crisp chocolate wafers. Visit for more on the product.
Satisfying kids' appetites with fun and great-tasting foods just got easier with the introduction of new MCCAIN Smiles Cosmic Creations. Sun, moon and star potato shapes provide the same creamy mashed potato inside and crispy, golden brown outside that kids love. They offer 0 grams of trans fat per serving. Visit or phone 800-952-4432 for more information.
A new line of All Natural/Whole Wheat pan-free muffins from BAKE'N JOY is made with wholesome natural ingredients and white whole wheat. Delicious and moist, muffins are available in Blueberry, Banana Nut, Corn, Cranberry Apple, Oatbran Raisin and Triple Berry Flavors. Deposited into attractive bakeable paper pans and flash frozen, the muffins are packed 45 to a case. Call 800-666-4937 or visit for more.
The Signature Sandwiches program from HORMEL FOODSERVICE and the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board offers delicious recipes, quality products and insightful trend and usage information. The heart of the program is the Bread Ready line of deli sliced meats from Hormel, which includes fresh full-muscle meats, along with more than 350 cheeses promoted by the cosponsoring board. Call 800-723-8000 or visit to learn more.
Roasted Chicken Loaf from BRAKEBUSH BROTHERS offers menu flexibility and comfort food flavor, perfect for long-term-care and acute-care centers. Strong on protein yet soft in texture, the loaf is easy to digest. The new product cooks up quickly and adds valuable protein to pasta dishes, sandwiches and other applications. To learn more, call 800-933-2121 or log onto
Terra dinnerware from CARLISLE FOODSERVICE PRODUCTS combines the earthy look of hand-thrown pottery with real durability. Made of the company's exclusive Ceramine, it has the look and feel of real ceramics. Super-heavyweight and dishwasher-safe, the Terra line is available in black, white and bone for dramatic table presentations.
Polly-O won "Best of Class" honors for its Fresh Mozzarella and Original Ricotta cheeses during the 2005 United States Championship Cheese contest. Cheeses were judged for attributes including flavor, body and texture, salt, color and finish. Polly-O is part of CHURNY's portfolio of specialty cheese brands. Recipe and menu ideas can be obtained by calling 800-765-5462.
The Original Chai Tea Smoothie from OREGON CHAI capitalizes on two of the fastest-growing categories in the beverage category: smoothies and chai. The smoothie base makes it simple for operators to menu a healthy, low-caffeine, satisfying and consistently smooth blended chai tea beverage. POS materials, sampling programs and menu branding incentives are offered.
Idaho Potato News, a quarterly publication from the IDAHO POTATO COMMISSION, shows operators how leading chefs use Idaho Potatoes. Each issue features in-depth articles on Idaho Potato use in commercial and noncommercial operations, as well as innovative cooking tips from a celebrity chef. Operators can see how peers are menuing Idaho Potatoes in its "Eyes on Potatoes" section.To subscribe to this free newsletter, call 208-334-2350 or visit
Pit hams, carving hams, slicing hams and shaving hams from TYSON provide quality, consistency and great taste every time. Whether you're carving, slicing or shaving, you can count on Tyson hams. They're ideal for hot or cold applications, such as entrees, soups, sandwiches and more. For more information, phone 800-24-TYSON, ext. 574 or visit
A line of premium muffins from OTIS SPUNKMEYER brings the delicious homemade appeal of baked goods to every daypart. Muffins come in delicious flavors such as Wild Blueberry, Banana Nut, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Cheese Streusel, Caramel Apple and more. Easy thaw-and-serve individually wrapped or bulk muffins save operators time and labor. Phone 800-ASK-OTIS or visit
Adding the bold flavor of barbecue to your menu has never been easier than with new Lawry's Barbecue Sauce Mix from UNILEVER FOODSOLUTIONS.The shelf-stable, premium dry mix yields a delicious barbecue sauce that's perfectly bold and sweet. It's also easy to customize by adding signature ingredients. Call 800-272-1217 or visit to learn how you can add new variety to your menu.
"Make Menu Magic" is a new promotion from MRS. FRIDAY'S promising operators the chance for a trip to four to the Magic Kingdom every time they order qualifying products. Operators can also earn up to $300 cash back on their favorite Mrs. Friday's items, including Lobster Sensations, Krabbycakes, Shrimp Specialty Items and more.The promotion runs through Sept. 30, 2005; download sweepstakes entry and rebate forms from
FARMLAND Fully Cooked Sausage Links offer the flavor of sausage with the convenience of a hot dog. Fully cooked, the 2.9-ounce links were designed to heat and hold on a roller grill, thus providing another hot breakfast sandwich option that can be ready whenever customers arrive. Offering heat-and-serve convenience, they eliminate product shrinkage and simplify cleanup. Check out to learn more.
Moore's Colossal Onion Rings are a delicious new line of gigantic battered onion rings from MCCAIN FOODS USA. The exceptional size (1.5 inches thick) and taste of Colossal rings make them a versatile option for appetizers, combination platters, salads and sides. For free samples or more information, call 800-767-7377 or visit
VIE DE FRANCE YAMAZAKI offers the ultimate in convenience: Pre-Proofed Filled Croissants. Ready in 20 minutes, preparation requires only a quick egg wash and baking. Apple, Almond, Chocolate and Raspberry Cream Cheese flavors are available. Visit to learn more.
Lamb Weston brand Hand Fulls Stuffed Sandwiches by CONAGRA FOODS have the taste, quality and variety that on-the-go customers crave. They feature the finest ingredients stuffed into golden bakery-style crusts. Varieties include Pepperoni Pizza, Ham and Swiss Melt, Meatball with Mozzarella and chicken Broccoli and Cheddar. Call 800-766-7783 or visit
Serve perfectly brewed black and specialty coffees, tea and hot chocolate in seconds at the push of a button with DOUWE EGBERTS' C-700 Coffee System. Bag-in-box products ensure convenience, freshness and food safety; a water filtration unit ensures flavor. Preprogrammed maintenance takes six minutes daily. Call 800-947-0077 or visit
PERDUE's new Drumsters oversized wings weigh in at 5 to 8 pieces per pound and are perfect for all ages. Meaty enough for adult lunches, they also don't require a deep fryer to deliver huge taste, making them a healthier entrèe alternative to typical kids' fare. Visit or call 888-PERDUE-2 for complete information.
Fruit2O Plus 10, an extension of the KRAFT FOODSERVICE Fruit2O brand, is a new line of flavored water with 10 vitamins and minerals. Calorieand carbohydrate-free, it comes in Natural Berry, Natural Apple and Watermelon Kiwi varieties. Sweetened with Splenda, the drink is available in 20-ounce and 16-ounce bottles. Call 800-537-9338 for more.
The new Chicken Fried Chicken Breaded Breast Fillet from PIERCE CHICKEN brings a new twist to a traditionally popular comfort food. Available in three portion sizes—10, 8 and 6 ounces—fillets are deep-fried and go from freezer to fryer to plate in minutes. Log onto or call 800-321-1470 for more information.
Classic Casserole Au Gratin Potatoes from BASIC AMERICAN FOODS combine rich, cheesy flavor and firm potato texture for a product with homemade appeal. Easy prep reduces labor and ensures justright casseroles every time. Au Gratin Potatoes and Classic Casserole Scalloped Potatoes are available in case packs with 330 servings per case. Call 800-722-2084 or visit
ROCK RIVER offers foodservice operators convenient menu flexibility with high-quality meat ingredients including bacon toppings,-beef crumbles and pork crumbles. All Rock River products are fully cooked and add versatility to almost any recipe application, including omelets and frittatas, pizzas, tacos and enchiladas, muffins, quiches, pasta and more. Contact 800-762-6524 for more.
CAVENDISH FARMS Chips combine the crispy texture of a chip and the great potato taste of a french fry. Great served alone or as a signature item with cheese, chili, gravy or salsa, chips are sold in regular and crinkle-cut styles. Call 800-561-7945 or log onto

The Rockslide Brownie provides an avalanche of chocolate and pecans.The rich, surprisingly lighttextured treat from SWEET STREET DESSERTS is topped with buttery caramel, piled high with brownie cubes and toasted pecans, then drizzled with milk chocolate ganache.Available in four trays per case, presliced at 16.

Offer diet soda that doesn't taste like diet soda: 8-ounce cans of SHASTA diet flavors are sweetened with Splenda, the sugar replacement that tastes like sugar because it's made from sugar. Flavors include cola, caffeine-free cola, ginger ale and lime lemon twist. Call 866-280-0179.
SUGAR FOODS CORP. offers Sugar in the Raw turbinado sugar, made from fresh-cut cane grown in Maui. Your customers will appreciate its distinctive taste, pleasing texture and natural golden color. Call 888-708-2222 or visit for more.
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