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FM's 2012 Best Concepts Competition
recognizes outstanding service innovations by Food Management readers and will highlight them in the August issue. Awards will be presented at the FM IDEAS Conference
Sept 30-Oct 3.

If you — or a director you know — deserves to be recognized, don't procrastinate. Begin your entry now!

Award categories:

  • Best New or Renovated Facility
  • Best Menu
  • Best Station/Unit/Service Concept
  • Best Special Event/Promotion
  • Best Wellness Initiative
  • Best Customer Service Concept
  • Best Convenience Retailing Concept
  • Best Management Co. Program/Concept

DEADLINE IS March 31, 2012

For entry rules and information, go to (right next to home page logo) or call John Lawn 216-931-9620 or Mike Buzalka 216-931-9436.

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