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Tuna and Apple Sandwich

Tuna and Apple Sandwich

YIElD: 24 servings

1 ⁄4 tsp.lemon juice,fresh
2 1 ⁄3 oz.tuna solid white drained,flaked
3 ⁄4 oz.apples,Granny Smith,cored, peeled,diced 1 ⁄4 ”
2 1 ⁄3 tsps.sour cream,low fat
1 ⁄4 oz.honey
1 1 ⁄2 tsps.dijon mustard
24 ciabatta squares (3 oz.ea), thawed,split
arugula,as needed
tomatoes,sliced 1 ⁄4 ”

1. For tuna apple salad: Combine lemon juice, tuna, apples, sour cream, honey and mustard. Mix well. Cover. Keep chilled for service.
2. Per serving: On the bottom half of the ciabatta slice, evenly layer a #12 scoop tuna and apple salad, a 4-oz. spoodle of arugula and 2 slices of tomato. Top with remaining half of ciabatta. Cover. Keep chilled for service.

Recipe and photo by Chef Scott Keats, national director of culinary developments for Aramark Corp., Philedelphia.

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