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Bacon Biscuits with Orange-Honey Butter

Bacon Biscuits with Orange-Honey Butter

YIELD: 46 biscuits

3 cups milk, cool (approx. 50°F)
¾ cup sugar, granulated
1 cup cornmeal
½ box biscuit mix (5 lb. box)
20 slices bacon, crisp, chopped
2 cups butter, softened
½ cup orange marmalade
3 Tbsps. honey

1. Pour milk into mixing bowl. Add sugar, corn meal, and biscuit mix.

2. Mix using a rubber spatula approximately 30 strokes or until soft dough forms. Add chopped bacon; mix until combined.

3. Place dough, using a #24 scoop, 2-inches apart on parchment lined full sheet pans.

4. For butter: Beat butter, marmalade and honey with whisk in small stainless steel bowl until combined.

5. Serve biscuits warm with orange-honey butter.

Photo and recipe: General Mills Foodservice

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