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Japanese Chocolate Curry Mousse

Japanese Chocolate Curry Mousse

YIELD: 144 (3 oz.) servings

7 ½ lbs. chocolate
1.25    lbs. sugared pasteurized egg yolks
2 ½ lbs. sugar
6 qts. manufacturing cream
8 oz. sugar
4 oz. Japanese golden curry powder

1.    Melt chocolate and set aside. Heat 1 cup of the manufacturing cream and mix into the curry powder until dissolved. Add back into cream.
2.    Whip cream and 8 oz. sugar until stiff peaks form; set aside.
3.    Whip together yolks and remaining 2.5 lbs. sugar until full volume is reached.
4.    Slowly pour melted chocolate into whipping yolk/sugar mixture, scrape down and mix until incorporated.
5.    Fold in whipped cream by hand in 3 equal part stages, place in walk-in until ready to use. Pipe with a star tip into dessert glasses, sprinkle with a little curry powder and serve cold.

Photo: Stephanie Snipes, Felicia Caldwell, UCLA
Food styling and recipe: Executive Pastry Chef Anthony Nigro, Assistant Pastry Chef James Brannon, UCLA

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