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Japanese Melon Bread

Japanese Melon Bread

YIELD: 48 servings

1 oz. instant yeast
8 oz. water
1/8 oz. sugar
3 ¾ lb. all purpose flour
1 oz. salt
2 oz. sugar
6 oz. butter
1¾ oz. water
2 oz. honeydew melon extract
2 drops green flow paste

1 ½ lbs. all purpose flour
½ oz. baking powder
1 lb. butter
1 lb. sugar
4 eggs
½ oz. honeydew melon extract

1.    Combine first three ingredients and let stand until doubled in size.
2.    To the above, add the next 7 ingredients and mix with dough hook until it forms a nice firm dough.
3.    Scale dough to 6 lbs. 4 oz. for the rounder/divider, or cut by hand into 2 oz. balls.
4.    For the cookie topping: combine last 6 ingredients and mix with paddle until dough forms. Place on rounder/divider and turn dial to 5, dough will round at 2 oz. balls. Or roll dough to 1/8” thickness and use a 4” round cookie cutter to cut the cookie dough.
5.    Top each dough ball with 1.5 oz. cookie topping.
6.    Proof until doubled in size, lightly spray with water and top with sanding sugar. Bake at 350°F for 12 minutes.

Photo: Stephanie Snipes, Felicia Caldwell, UCLA
Food styling and recipe: Executive Pastry Chef Anthony Nigro, Assistant Pastry Chef James Brannon, UCLA

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